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  • Works great. This should be a default feature in Firefox, seriously.
  • Thanks.
    Could also make version for Firefox for android?
  • Sehr nützlich gegen Schnüffelei. Arbeitet unauffällig im Hintergrund. Kleine Nachteile:
    - Standardmäßig ist keine Blockierung eingestellt, unerfahrene Nutzer bemerken das evtl. nicht
    - Manche Seiten funktionieren nicht, für diese muss eine Ausnahme eingestellt werden - dafür kann das Addon aber nichts.
  • Extremely useful, thanks a lot!
  • par rsngfrce le September 13, 2014 · >> + 1 ;)

    I had the same problem myself and had to disable addons one by one to find out why the captcha or some pages may not display correctly.
  • Although RefControl is a great extension, I like HeaderControlRevived better. Not only because it offers more (besides Referer it offers Useragent and Language options), but because it doesn't show up as toolbar button on control panel every time I start my browser and work smoothly too.
  • I simply want to thank you for supporting Mozilla SeaMonkey. My full respect to you!
  • Bug: Click icon to disable RefControl (you see red X) -> restart browser -> you see icon without red X (extension should work) -> RefControl NOT WORK

    I also see lot of exceptions from refcontrol in browser console:

    [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x804b000a (NS_ERROR_MALFORMED_URI) [nsIURI.spec]"...
  • Great extension have used for years but now throwing errors in Firefox 34 that hopefully can be easily fixed...
  • It works perfectly!
    Hope RefControl can be made available on Android phone (KitKat) as well.

    @rsngfrce Leaving such a ridiculous comment is an insult to the developer and to yourself.
  • For a long time, there have been a number of pages that I have been unable to access properly with Firefox and have had to use other browsers to access. I finally got tired of this and started disabling likely add-ons one by one until I figured out that the cause was RefControl (even though it was set normal reference for the page). Unfortunately, NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE!
  • Hi James Abbatiello

    How to create rotate or random referer list ?
    In "Proxy Tools : Addon" we can create custom referer list and it working in random and rotate

    It imposible in "RefControl : Addon" ?
  • Since A$$trali$ came out the referer display is no longer available unless you use Classic Theme Restorer or Vimperator (probably Pentadactyl too).

    I think you mentioned here that you didn't want to deal with A$$trali$ but what would be a great idea is to have the referer as the tooltip.
    Right now if you hover over the button it just says "RefControl", maybe you can change that to the referer.

    Just a suggestion. I use Vimperator so it doesn't matter to me. v32 (currently Beta) puts large back/forward/refresh/bookmark buttons in the right-click menu, so all the millions of people in the world who wear glasses/contacts will soon be able to use Firefox again hassle-free.
  • It works exactly as it should. It blocks referers and allows extensive, easy per-site customisation. Well done, hope this isn't abandoned.
  • +
  • I've been looking for an extension like this for very long. Works very well, stable. And a major improvement of privacy as almost every site uses something from http://google*.com today.
  • Simple referer spoofing.
  • Awesome! Shining like a diamond
  • working nicely.
  • I would like a softer version with the blacklist, at least as an option.
  • This works in SeaMonkey 2.21, so why not list it as compatible with it? I had to bump up the max version in the install file to get it to install.
  • Excellent:a well thought extension to stop cross-site tracking,very nice for privacy.
  • It's very good, and simple.
    I "block the referer" for every website and i whitelist websites that i must so they can work properly.
    But i experienced a few cases on some websites, when unblocking the referer didnt work, and i had to turn off this addon. I don't know, maybe it's because of how the website work... :-|
  • I don't normally write reviews but I just wanted to refute some of the claims of the other reviewers. This addon works great for me in Firefox 22; but note that you must tell it what you want it to do in the addon's options. I use it to block the refferer on all pages. I know it works for two reasons. First is that if you visit a page hosted by Agility Host and your referrer is altered or blocked you will notice that the images don't load. Try my friend's website terrystowingstl.com Second reason is if you visit aruljohn.com and click the "view more details" link it will tell you what your referer is, in my case it's always "none". Even right-clicking the link and choosing "open in new tab" shows that the referrer has been blocked. Disabling the addon will show the normal referrer sent by Firefox. Nice work on this and thanks.
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