Who is responsible for the menu shape? Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Since I have upgraded to the new FF 12, I have noticed several things that I intensely dislike - one of which is the nasty sharp square menu boxes. It looks like the awful stuff that google did, which has prompted me to use other services. Is that part of Redshift's design or FF? After using Redshift as my browser theme for 6 years, I really hope that isn't connected. I just want to know where to lodge my complaint against bad taste in graphic design. It really affects me as I only want to see this theme, but not those shapes/layouts. Please let me know.

Reply to Developer's Note: Thank you for your reply. This theme is the like the framework for my connection to the internet, so I greatly appreciate your work. I hope the update is approved soon and will resemble the idyllic rounded contours I have come to love and depend on. If customer complaints to Mozilla would help, I'd be happy to write them a letter.

5 star product, in lieu of the forthcoming return of tasteful contours!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (11.0). 

Mozilla is responsible for the menu shape.

Mozilla decided to drop support for "-moz-border-radius" which we used to round off all the edges, without giving us a heads-up. So now I'm playing catch-up, I've put in an update that fixes the problem but Mozilla has yet to approve it. Please be patient, thank you.