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  • bom
  • Thank you, it works great;)
    I hope the developer quickly provide us with a new compatible version ... :)
  • This add-on is usable for all version BEFORE Australis in v29. If you wish to use it think to use firefox 24 ESR or a fork like palemoon ; thus with the help of compatibilitycheck you'll be able to have it.
    Hope it helps ! (especially you marty)
  • These themes have been the best and most favorite themes since I have used firefox. Due to the constant upgrading, it is no wonder developers are discouraged from upgrading their themes. Perhaps Mozilla should take this into consideration when upgrading their browser and allow for compatibility modes so Fans of Mozilla and the developer's themes can be used no matter what.
  • Best Firefox theme I ever used. Using it since Firefox 2.0, tried plenty of others themes too, but so far I didn't found anything that will look better than RedShift.Would love to see updated version for Firefox 17.0+ though.
  • ...not much to say, just many thanks for the Update of this incredible Theme !!! 5* again of course
  • Best FF theme I've ever used. Doesn't work with anything past FF 14 though; needs some updating to fix visual glitches now.

    5/5 stars, except for the lack of update, so 4/5.
  • I followed the instructions above for editing and installing the jar. I never did anything like that before but it worked no problem. it functions ok. no issues as yet. time will tell. hopefully there will be ongoing development of this theme.
    ..edit 7/30..I watched Netflix on 2 monitors, 2 Firefox windows, RedShift4, one on the 2nd monitor with the streaming movie...the Firefox app froze. the movie continued to play/stream, but all functionality in Firefox was non responsive. I had to enter TaskManager to force quit. I changed theme and all was fine. I had watched on a single monitor , single window of Firefox and netflix streaming without incident in RedShift4. I had Nightly Tester in add ons, as well though i had not used it in this computer. I followed the directions for editing the jar workaround since just having NightlyTester did not work on one computer(did on the other one without any workaround edit).all other functions seem to be working fine. Just the 2 windows Netflix streaming video lock up. Hope this is helpful.
  • I love RedShift and have been using it for something like 6 years now (is that possible?). Anyway... The draw back with RedShift is that it often is disabled when FireFox installs an updated, higher version... and a RedShift update is not available (yet).

    Although on FF14, you can still use RedShift. THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED BY MOZILLA THOUGH, so the following you can do, but at your own risk. I can tell you that it works fine...

    [1] Manually download the install (.jar) file of RedShift. You can do so via the Mozilla pub directories...
    [2] Download (right click, Save As) the highest RedShift version from for example http://releases.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/addons/296654/
    When I wrote this, this was redshift_v4-13.0-fx.jar, June 19, 2012.
    [3] If downloaded, open the .JAR file with for example 7Zip.
    [4] Locate the install.rdf file. Open it to edit with for example notepad.
    [5] You will find script defining the lowest and highest version that will work. Look for script below -- Target Application this extension can install into... In my case the em:maxVersion statement defines version 13.*
    [6] Change the 13.* in for example 14.*
    [7] Save the file install.rdf and put it back into the .JAR file
    [8] Now install the .JAR file manually by opening FireFox, go to TOOLS - ADD-ONS - APPEARANCE, click the Gear Wheel Icon (top right) and select "Install Addon From File"
    [9] Select and open the altered .JAR file and confirm.

    You will see that FF will not warn you concerning compatibility and install/ execute your RedShift theme.

    But if you really can't wait until the updated version is available...
  • I think this theme is quite honestly my most favorite since i've used firefox. The only problem is the compatablity with the new versions. I hope that mozilla can stick with a stable version soon and let the Developers know and beta test up and coming releases so that we dont have to wait any longer for our favorite themes.
  • Just use border-radius instead of -moz-border-radius and it should work fine. Sweet theme.
  • I posted ages ago on the RedShift forum about a problem I'm having where most toolbar buttons are invisible, and the problem has not been fixed. This used to be my favourite theme, but I haven't been able to use it in ages due to this lack of support.
  • Since I have upgraded to the new FF 12, I have noticed several things that I intensely dislike - one of which is the nasty sharp square menu boxes. It looks like the awful stuff that google did, which has prompted me to use other services. Is that part of Redshift's design or FF? After using Redshift as my browser theme for 6 years, I really hope that isn't connected. I just want to know where to lodge my complaint against bad taste in graphic design. It really affects me as I only want to see this theme, but not those shapes/layouts. Please let me know.

    Reply to Developer's Note: Thank you for your reply. This theme is the like the framework for my connection to the internet, so I greatly appreciate your work. I hope the update is approved soon and will resemble the idyllic rounded contours I have come to love and depend on. If customer complaints to Mozilla would help, I'd be happy to write them a letter.

    5 star product, in lieu of the forthcoming return of tasteful contours!
    Mozilla decided to drop support for "-moz-border-radius" which we used to round off all the edges, without giving us a heads-up. So now I'm playing catch-up, I've put in an update that fixes the problem but Mozilla has yet to approve it. Please be patient, thank you.
  • sweet theme... make one for firefox 10.0? or is there already one available? and a theme for thunderbird please! thunderbird themes r so boring!
  • 6.0.2 version of firefox.. I hope the link for the screenshot is working... But if not then in the upper right hand corner were "Min/Max/Close" there is a bug... The bug is from the "Menu Bar" not being "Turned ON"..If its turned "ON" you will not see this bug..... There is a picture below that shows the bug with the "Menu Bar" OFF .. The bug could also be coming from "Tab Groups" Is anyone else having this problem??

    Screenshot here ---> http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/31/redshift6.jpg

    Been using this theme forever...lol..I know i am not supposed report bugs, but anyway this is the only way this will get answered. Maybe someone here can help..

    Fix for now...... if you go to "View"--->"Toolbars"-----> Then click on "Menu Bar" Should fix the problem...if its OFF, turn it ON...If its ON then you will not see this bug. .... Or Firefox button---> Options ----> Menu Bar
  • Hats off to you.........and many thanks!!
  • I love this theme. Can't use Firefox without it. When I updated the the latest version (6.0.2) and tried to update RedShift, firefox wouldnt download it because it "wasn't the addon Firefox was expecting".
    For anyone else with the same issue and for people who don't want to "install an add on to install an add on!" this is the easiest solution:


    You need to install it manually.
    Don't just click 'Accept and Install' to download the latest version. Instead right click on the button and select 'save link as..'
    Save it to your computer.
    Then go to Firefox/add-ons and click on the gearwheel sign. There you select "install add-on from file" and choose the saved add-on file. It is redshift_v4-6.0-fx.

    Enjoy using the theme again.

    (credit to 'lexkamaci' at shift-themes.com)
  • November 19, 2015:
    This used to be my favorite Firefox theme. Unfortunately, Mozilla has made it difficult to keep themes up-to-date by releasing a new version of Firefox often. However, Personas are easy to keep up to date, and RedShift inspired me to create Memories of RedShift! Check it out at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-Us/firefox/addon/memories-of-redshift/
    August 28, 2011:

    RedShift V4 IS compatible with Firefox 6!

    1) Install "Nightly Tester Tools." This can be found as an Add-On for Firefox.

    2) Click "Tools" then hover over "Nightly Tester Tools." Select "Force Add-On Compatibility."

    3) Restart Firefox.

    4) Click "Tools," "Add-Ons," "RedShift V4." Click on the button that says "Enable."

    5) Restart Firefox.

    This worked for me.
  • BEST THEME EVER!!! Please bro, version 6!!! I won't update my Firefox til v6 is out >.<"
  • This theme has long been my favorite and I'm eagerly awaiting V5 for Firefox 6.0 and dare I say it, V7.0? However, I would really like to know if there's any chance that sometime in the future you could offer a Blue version. Nothing changed other than red to blue?
  • Boo-yeah, baybay!! I recently upgraded from FF3 to FF5 in order to utilize a certain website properly. The upgrade process said that my RedShift was not compatible. No! Say it ain't so!! But, I decided to check Mozilla's add-ons page anyways and installed RedShift 4. And, by gum, it works. Now I'm back to my soft & soothing black and red.

    Thanks to all who worked on and continued to upgrade RedShift for all of us!! *I* sure do appreciate it!!
  • The best theme i've used ever, i even stoppud updating my FF3 when it stopped supporting this theme, and now i was happy that they started to support this again on FF4.
    Perfect with Blackle / other black sites
  • I stopped to use RedShift since the V3 Release beause it didn't work with my Ubuntu operating system but I have a pleasant surprise this time and notice that the V4 release is now working again with Ubuntu!!! Finally, I'm going to use again my favorite theme! Thanks a lot!!!
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