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  • best one out there
  • Complicated but when you get it it works. Awesome!
  • Works perfectly and reliably!
  • Does its job as expected. Cool!
  • brilliant! Does one job, and does it well.
  • la extension parece muy interesante y he intentado aprender como se utiliza con diferentes tutoriales pero he llegado a la conclusion de que no me entero de nada, por lo tanto me veo obligado a preguntar si hay alguna manera de que varias direciones se puedan resolver con una unica regla en lugar de una por pagina, por ejemplo:
    "https://tumangaonline.me/viewer/5b8536ef8bc73/paginated" y
    que se convertan en
    "https://tumangaonline.me/viewer/5b8536ef8bc73/cascade" y
    respectivamente, vamos en definitiva que se convierta de paginated a cascade".
    Estaria muy agradecido si alguien pudiese responderme.
    Gracias por adelantado.

    google translated
    The extension seems very interesting and I have tried to learn how it is used with different tutorials but I have come to the conclusion that I do not know anything, therefore I am forced to ask if there is any way that several addresses can be solved with a only rule instead of one per page, for example:
    "https://tumangaonline.me/viewer/5b8536ef8bc73/paginated" and
    "https://tumangaonline.me/viewer/5b8709870561b/paginated" which become
    "https://tumangaonline.me/viewer/5b8536ef8bc73/cascade" and
    respectively, let's definitively turn from paginated to cascade. "
    I would be very grateful if someone could answer me.
    Thanks in advance.
  • Nice and simple - has one job and does it well.
  • I tried every possible regex combination. No redirects. Firefox Quantum. Restarted firefox same issue.

    Update: I was using the regex plus sign "+" of "matches preceding pattern element 1 or more times", so when I was about to give up, decided trying the asterisk "*" "matches preceding pattern element 0 or more times" and it worked right away.

    I wonder why the plus sign doesn't work.
  • Lovely. Does exactly what i need. Took me a bit to understand, but thanks to the tutorial, even a retard like managed. Thank you so much for this
  • Exactly what I've been trying to find for years. Thank you very much, keep the hard work!
  • Works like a charm
  • excellent. I use this to redirect facebook to the "most recent" post order url. https://www.facebook.com/?sk=h_chr
  • I always miss going to smile.amazon.com for my orders and this does the job for me.
  • Perfect for everyone able to write regexps, nothing more :)

    I redirect all the calls to the Facebook wall to the events page preventing loosing my focus.
  • Great extension to bypass click through pages
  • This is a brilliant extension! I have always wanted to find an extension that would allow me to skip certain sites that make you sit on a page for five seconds and view an ad before continuing (Not adf.ly, but similar), and this does exactly what I needed.
  • Injects ads into webpages.
  • This extension is amazing! Very useful. Thank you!
  • Awesome.
  • Does not work. Enter an accurate regex, still allows visiting old url.
  • Works great and does what it advertises.
  • Very useful to avoid dealing with machine translation on various sites.
  • Powerful regular expressions, export functionality, and a KISS gui.
  • Exactly what I need.
  • I use this for redirecting to Amazon Smile and for redirecting some sites to the HTTPS version. It works great.