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  • Working great.

  • This expansion got me out of a tight spot. I tried a zillion UserSrcipts through Tampermonkey, but either it didn't work or the modification caused a partial dysfunction (On one specific site.).
    Specifically I use it on:
    Redirect: https://invisibleempire.cloud/?* to: $1
    and It works perfectly, respectively, so far I have not found a problem.

    Good work, thank you wery much.
  • I really appreciated that the creator added some basic comments on what the addon can do in the description, as well as the "Example" field that helps you understand what you did wrong much quicker.

    Of course I still had trouble adjusting to RegEx and Wildcard, but I think the creator did a lot to make sure the adjustment was smooth.
  • Does what it says, easy to configure, and very powerful, especially in countries where certain sites are blocked, e.g. wikipedia, and you can redirect to a mirror. Excellent tool.
  • Could you please change your black icon to "#8798A5" or a similar color, can't see it in toolbar with night mode.
  • Very good, though admin should mention example on Add redirect form so noob understand he need to use /* and /$1
  • Wonderful!! Used this to redirect my mindless Amazon searches to AmazonSmile searches to support charities. If you can't figure it out, SEE THE HELP PAGE! It's super useful!
  • ♥♥♥♥♥♥

    I watch videos on ru.ok and often click on suggested video links from the sidebar. If you LEFT click on the suggested video, you go straight to the suggested video's page. If you RIGHT click on the suggested video, it redirects you to your home page.

    This means you cannot "open in a new tab" the suggested video. You can only open it directly in the same tab.

    Before using this extension, if I wanted to KEEP the original video open, I was stuck - I'd have to duplicate the original tab and then open the suggested video from the first instance.

    However, you can only do this for JUST ONE suggested video out of the 10 you see. This is because when you duplicate the tab, you get the same main video, but the suggested videos are randomized and you get 10 new random choices.

    This extension solves that whole problem!!!

    I can right click on the suggested video, open it in a new tab, and I get the new video, NOT my home page!

    YAY!!! WhooooooooooooHooooooooooo!!!

    You rock, developer!!
    Thank you!!!


    Description Whatever you want here
    Example URL https://tumangaonline.me/viewer/5b8536ef8bc73/paginated
    Include pattern https://tumangaonline.me/viewer/(\w{13})/paginated
    Redirect to https://tumangaonline.me/viewer/$1/cascade
    Pattern type Wildcard Regular Expression
    Pattern Description
    Example result https://tumangaonline.me/viewer/5b8536ef8bc73/cascade
  • Fantastic, it's my new must have addon. It works perfectly and it's useful a lot.

    I just would like to suggest 3 improvements:

    1) an option to apply or skip redirects for filtered main domains (the domain in the adress bar): something like "if the main domain is 'google.com', apply/skip this rule", for example.

    2) a better management of notifications. Firefox always almost crashes when some rules changing a lot of elements in the same page are applied. For example:

    - Example: ytimg.com/xxx/xxx/image.jpg?param → ytimg.com/xxx/xxx/mqdefault.jpg

    - Redirect: *ytimg.com/*/*/*.*
    - to: $1ytimg.com/$2/$3/mqdefault.jpg
    - Applies to: IFrames, Stylesheets, Scripts, Images, Responsive Images in Firefox, Objects (e.g. Flash videos, Java applets), XMLHttpRequests (Ajax), Other

    So should be nice enable or disable notifications for each rule.

    3) automatic remotion of redirected urls from browser History. If you create a rule to redirect "google.com" to "google.co.uk", Firefox will maintain both of them there.

    Thank you so much!
  • .m,
  • best one out there