Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Nice job on the addon, you keep me away from Google, for that I thank you. =)

But I need to uninstall this now, for the time being. I use Bing.com as my default search (I need my Bing!) but this addon is redirecting from Bing.com now too.

I know you also said you were planning to add support for other search engines too so I guess Bing was one of those. Perhaps one day you will have an options area where we can choose which search engines this addon redirects us away from.

EDIT: I edited your extension to remove the redirect from Bing.com which turned this into an unsigned addon.

When FF v46 releases I will either have to stop using Firefox and use Palemoon instead or I will have to stop at FF v45 because when FF v46 comes out Mozilla is removing the ability to temporarily enable the install of unsigned addons. Hopefully you will add the option of letting us choose which search engines we want to use and not have them redirected.

EDIT 2: There you are, good morning. I know you are currently blocking Google, Bing and Yahoo. I just came back to say that your addon still allows Yahoo.com to load even though the search button there doesn't do anything. If I try to search for something on Yahoo from the search bar your addon redirects but it doesn't stop me from going to Yahoo.com like it does for Google and Bing.

You should set up a support email. =)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.3.0). 

I plan to have the ability to choose what search engines are blocked. I'll work on it.
Edit: Yahoo isn't just a search engine. Since there are a lot of other aspects of the main website, I've unblocked it for now. When I add preferences I'll add the ability to block it.
Edit: I submitted the version with prefs. Now it just has to get through review.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

You may want to mention in the addon description that this only works from the search bar and the address bar.

The first place I tried this addon of course was from Google's homepage and it didn't re-direct. I didn't expect it to work here, I just wanted to see if it would.

It did re-direct when setting Google as my Firefox's default search engine although it did list the full Google search results first, then it did the re-direct a couple of seconds later.

But it does work, it does re-direct your search away from Google if done from the search bar or the address bar.

I have DuckDuckGo as one of my search providers and in the back of my mind I always know I should be using it instead of Google (I use Bing all the time but once in a great while I look something up in Google) so even though I know I don't want to use Google, I was just too lazy to switch my search bar's default to DuckDuckGo.

Now I don't need to worry, this addon does it for me. Nicely done. Thanks for making this.

I wonder though, since the Google search results still displays even for a brief moment, I would think Google still keeps track of what we searched for since it spit out a list of search results. It'd be nice if this bypassed Google altogether. =)

Shhh, don't tell Google (what we searched for) hehe.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.1). 

I've already submitted a fix so that it redirects when you are searching directly from google.com. I'm wating for it to be accepted by Mozilla. I'm working on making it so it doesn't load the first page at all, because that also bothers me. Thanks for the positive review!

Edit: some fixes have been accepted by Mozilla.