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  • I've always loved Red Cats - Green Flavor. And thanks to other advice on this list I have been able to fix Red Cats' files so I can still get them as Firefox updates. But I took a chance to update my Firefox from version 47. It took me to 47.02 and so I thought since Red Cats works to version 49, I could walk up to that version. However, the next version it took me to was 56. And surprise, Red Cats works fine there.

    So I thought OK, I can go to the latest - which is 57 - called Quantum. ARHGG. WRONG. This is a whole new Firefox, and complete themes like Red Cats are not supported. In fact I can't find any true complete themes now. And they say going back is unwise. So I guess I am stuck here for now.

    So if you love Red Cats, and don't feel the need to update Firefox, then please do wait until they get around to making the developer updates to get back to complete themes. Supposedly they want to fix the problem of the developers having to always update their apps for each new version. Maybe when they do we can all do a crowdfunding here to pay our beloved developer to once again upgrade our kitties.

    Thanks again Red_Fat_Lazy_Cat for all you have done for us.


    PS: Think I will explore Pale Moon - thanks for the tip.
  • I've installed version 5.8.0 in Pale Moon 27.6.2, along with an extension called Theme Compatibility Provider. It works great!

    It looks wonderful. Frankly, I think it works better in Pale Moon than in Firefox.

    I found through experimentation that 5.8.0 is the version that works best with Pale Moon. I altered the ID in the install.rdf to keep Add-ons Manager from trying to update to 6.0.0.

    So sorry this seems to be abandonware. It is possible that someone may fork it for Pale Moon and other Firefox derivatives.
  • Es hermoso, bello. Util.
  • I ADORE this addon and have missed it for a long time! Kudos for updating it to FF 56! One little issue: I cannot see the small icons for some of my bookmarks on the Bookmark Toolbar. But I'm willing to deal with that just to have my beloved green cats back :)
  • The kitties are back! I'm purring overtime! Thank you kitty creator!
  • A big second on busy1's hopeful call for the return of the red cats. The link busy1 gave looks like a positive step: the possibility that a fix will finally stick. Like busy1, I've been grieving the loss of the best, most friendly theme I've seen, which I sorely miss. Glad to donate to support updating of this wonderful theme.
  • For close to ten years now, I have tried to hold on to my red cats through every Firefox update, to no avail. I pleaded with the developer as well as with Firefox to come up with a way to save these cuties from annihilation every time there's an update, which is not just once or twice a year, but on a regular basis. Why is this so difficult? I can understand that no one really cares about such trivial matters, but I love these cats. They put me in a good mood even as I tackle the difficult work I must do every day. It's 2017 now and still no one knows how to fix this problem? Firefox asks if I want to be notified when it becomes compatible, but I have yet to receive any such notification. I have to check periodically myself. That's not right. Come on now, surely there is someone clever enough to figure it out.
  • Please update the latest firefox so that addons can be used
  • My only complaint is that Mozilla does so many stupid updates, that Red Fat Lazy Cat apparently can't keep up. I know you probably have other things to do, but I sure miss my cats!
  • Unable to see add-ons in the bar with red-cats. Used to have both an ad-blocker and privacy badger visible. No longer, and no way to see them. Had to uninstall red cats to get them back.

    Developer response

    Please contact me by email - I need more details to fix the issue. What bar are you referring to? What versions of Cats and Firefox were you using?
  • This is an EDIT to what I wrote below. Red Cats works perfectly fine on Fx 40 on Windows 8 Pro. I have compatibility checking disabled so I was able to enable it over Fx protests. So far, it is working FINE. So, it is NOT incompatible with Fx 40 but you will have to disable compatibility checking to use it. Fx is sort of messed up with the default theme that was running as I still saw the Red Cats throbber on the default theme and it looked lonely so I decided to try enabling Red Cats and everything is fine.

    BEWARE: Incompatible with Fx 40.

    I would never have upgraded to Fx 40 had I known Mozilla would disable this theme during the upgrade. Now I have to use Pale Moon and Fx ESR version as the theme works fine on both. I hope there will be an update soon so that this wonderful theme works with current Fx again. I love this theme so much (been using it from Fx 1 I think it was many years ago).

    I just wish we had been warned before upgrading as I would not have upgraded. The use of this theme is a lot more important to me than upgrading Fx.
  • 5 starts because I love this theme, but alas since the latest update to Linux FF (4.0) it got disabled. Will this be updated?


  • Geduld bringt sie zurück, die im Grünen und die im Blauen.
    So lange waren sie nicht kompatibel mit den daher galoppierenden Updaates von Firefox.
    Jetzt miauen sie wieder! Vielen Dank.
  • Thank You Thank You for updating this :) I love this theme :)
  • Shame. Doesn´t work with version 31.5.0.
  • You must have 7-zip, which is freeware. If you don't, find it on the web and download and install it. Go to your preferred color Red Cats download link in Firefox Add-ons page. Right-click on the link and click on save link. Save it to your folder choice on your computer. It will save as either a jar or xpi file. Right click on that file and find open archive in the items 7-zip has added to your right-click menu. Click on open archive. Scroll down to the install.rdf file. Right click on it and click edit. Open it in whatever text editor you use - Notepad is fine. Locate where it says min and max versions and change the max version from 32.0 to 34.0. When you click the "X" to close the file in the right-hand top corner it will ask if you want to save the file. Click yes. It will then ask if you want to update the file. Click yes. Now open Firefox add-ons page and click on the gear that allows you to install an add-on from a file. Browse to that file you just updated and click on it. It will install and you will need to restart Firefox and when you do you will have your Red Cats back.
  • Nice color, graceful cat on icons, comfortable and friendly environment — all that is needed for happiness!
  • This has been, is, and always will be my favorite Fx theme. My sincere thanks to the dev for what was certainly a Herculean task in getting it to work with the interface whose name we do not mention. :-0

    Contrary to what the previous reviewer reported, v. 5.7.0 has not caused any problems whatsoever for me on the ESP 24.6.0esrpre Nightly (Yes, I know 24.6.0 has been released), which I've been using for about five months. It works without a hitch two of my Win 7x64 machines and on three older XP machines.

    In fact the only problem I had was with v. 33 Nightly - with the hated Aus .... interface.

    The problem was that "Tools-Options" opens in a tab rather than a pop-up window, and this part of the interface was broken.

    I saw the nice vertical row of red cats along the left, but nothing could be clicked. The only way to use Options was to temporarily disable Red Cats.

    Fortunately, one of the kind contributors to the Fx Forums told me to me to change the pref "browser.preferences.inContent" to false. This was the solution!

    Now everything's fine.
  • I have used and loved Red Cats for years. But it's just not working with Firefox 28 - no matter whose advice I try and follow (thanks to everyone who has offered help in the past!)

    Why did Mozilla think this was a good idea?
  • The cats are back - looking and working as they always. I received a beta copy and have had not problems yet. :)
  • Потрясающая тема, мягкие и приятные для глаз (моих) сочетания цветов!
    Забавный индикатор прогресса в виде рыбок!
    Теперь это моя любимая тема (раньше walnut использовал), она более "весёлая"! ^_^
    Жаль, что автор "пряничную" тему Curacao не развивает... T_T
  • Red Cats (green flavor) is the only thing that keeps me using Firefox (not lying), please fix it...
  • Hi

    A year ago DaveShep posted an incredibly useful fix for when Firefox upgrades and Red Cats stops working:

    1. Download Red Cats (Green Flavor) using IE or Chrome
    2. Change the extension of the file from .jar to .zip.
    3. Open the zip file & copy the install.rdf file out of it.
    4. Open the install.rdf file w/ Notepad
    5. Look for the line that begins ""
    6. Change the version number to 14.* (this will allow it to work w/ all versions of FF 14)
    7. Close & save the file
    8. Put it back in the zip file.
    9. Change the extension back to .jar
    10. Go into Firefox's AddOn Manager & install Red Cats (Green Flavor) from file.

    My grateful thanks to him for this; I used it every few weeks when FF screwed up Red Cats (amongst other add-ons; their constant upgrade policy really is stupid, because it ruins what used to be the great beauty of FF, its many useful add-ons).

    With the upgrade from FF22 to FF23 I've lost Red Cats again, and this time can't get this fix to work.

    A query to the developer. Would it be possible for you to set the maxVersion to 99? -- then we wouldn't have this problem every few weeks.

  • Some years later again I installed it.
  • I love this addon, but i lost it cuz mozilla updated itself to 23.0. it was actually still working for a bit after update, but stopped. I do hope you can update it.