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  • After many many years of pleasure with this theme, it no longer works, even with various hacks, in FF version 52.7.xx. Apparently, development of Red Cats ceased several years ago, and it is an shame- I loved it. Had to go back to FF default theme, which is bland and awful. Sure miss my cats...
  • l really love this theme!
    but it's not available at the moment.
    plz update.
    really wating for update.
  • I've installed version 5.8.0 in Pale Moon 27.6.2, along with an extension called Theme Compatibility Provider. It works great!

    It looks wonderful. Frankly, I think it works better in Pale Moon than in Firefox.

    I found through experimentation that 5.8.0 is the version that works best with Pale Moon. I altered the ID in the install.rdf to keep Add-ons Manager from trying to update to 6.0.0.

    So sorry this seems to be abandonware. It is possible that someone may fork it for Pale Moon and other Firefox derivatives.
  • I love this extension so much that I avoided updating to Quantum (with what I now see is an ugly interface) and put up with increasingly frequent freezing in Firefox, but this evening the freezing was happening pretty much every time I clicked on anything, so, in sadness and fury, I had to give in and update.
    It was great having tiny cat icons on all my bookmark tabs (Now they are only generic "folder" icons, and I especially liked having the red cats on the upper right, in either the blue or green flavor. They never made it hard to view anything, and that was a big plus. Every day it gave me a lift just to see them in my browser. I would be happy to pay for this extension the way you would for other software, and I will keep hoping that its programmer will have a change of heart. It seems to have something to do with Chrome, too. I have never wanted to use Chrome, but if Red Cats will work in it, that may make it worth switching from FF, which both I and my husband loved and have used for many years. (Going to check on that now.)
  • not very good
  • Thanks for the [update]
  • After missing them for a few months, I was so delighted to find "Red cats (green flavor)" and "Red cats (blue flavor)" are now both compatible with the latest version of Firefox (45.01). I'm so glad to see you again: I can again feel at home on the web.
  • save the xpi file on your computer (right click on the button "add to firefox)
    xpi is a zipped file
    with a zip software extract the xpi file to a dedicated folder
    search into the folder the file install.rdf
    open the file install.rdf file with notepad
    search words maxVersion
    change the version number from 39 to that which you have (only the first two numbers)
    zipping the folder
    change the extension from .zip to .xpi
    drag the new file xpi in firefox
    Magic: it works! :-))

    Translation by Google
    Actually, you can download beta version of Cats for Firefox 40-45 from http://www.bluecatsgraphics.com/Firefox_Themes/ and save yourself time and efforts. :)
  • I keep getting reminder popups to update my Firefox 39.0.3 to 41.0.1, but it tells me Red Cats Blue Flavor is not compatible with this version of Firefox, and will be disabled. I know I need to update, but I really do not want to lose my Cats theme.
  • Just installed FF version 40, and the Red Cats (Blue) .rdf file needed tweaking again (changing maximum version #).
    The theme now works again, but unfortunately THE MINIMIZE-MAXIMIZE-CLOSE BUTTONS IN THE UPPER RIGHT OF THE MENU BAR HAVE VANISHED. They are restored when the theme is disabled, so apparently a code change is needed in the Red Cats themes.
  • Cela fait quelques temps avec les mises à jour de Firefox, impossible d'installer ce génial module. J'y reste fidèle car vous avez fait un travail artistique inégalé dans les modules !! Bravo et merci encore de nous offrir tous ce petits chats adorables et tout ce bleu si doux. Toutes mes félicitations. Je vous embrasse. Nina
  • Yes, please update it. My computer at home keeps screaming at me to update firefox, but I won't until I can guarantee I can keep my cats. My computer at work was updated by a colleague (grrrr!) and my cats disappeared.
    For Firefox up to version 38.0, just download the latest beta version from the support forum or the home page.
  • I miss red cats can you updated it please :( I am using Firefox beta 35.0 I am always using this one
  • I love the red cats addons, both blue and green flavor. Please do whatever it takes for us to be able to use them on 33.0.3. I really miss them and hate losing them every time Firefox updates. Thanks.
    The update for both flavors of Cats is currently in the works. If you don't mind using a beta version, please contact me by email.
  • I've been enjoying the kitties for years now, and can't imagine browsing without them. It's easy to re-install them after every Firefox update, but it still needs a minute of hacking, which is a hassle if I'm busy. Would be better if the developer made them compatible within a day or two of a FF update.
  • Are there plans to update your excellent cat themes to be compatible with 33.0.3? I just updated from 26.0 and now I've lost my kitties. :(
    Yes! The green flavor of Cats for Firefox 33 is already available as a beta version - please contact me by email if you want to try it. The blue flavor is being updated and should be available in a few weeks.
  • I love cats! Amazing skin, every time I look at it it makes my day better. Than you!
  • Nice color, graceful cat on icons, comfortable and friendly environment — all that is needed for happiness!
  • I find this add-on makes my day. as far as various work arounds go, my routine is to simply wait until there is a version for the newer firefox, and upgrade my firefox then. I refuse to lose my cats. I have been using this add on for as long as I've been using firefox - more than 10 years - and I've never had a problem.
  • I'm very disappointed that the theme doesn't work for newest update of firefox even though the description says it does. Workaround explained by Goomer does not work either. Guess I'll just wait for the next update and hope it does what says it will.
    The description says that the theme works with Firefox 27.0a1, not 27.0.x. These two are not the same: the former is an alpha version and the latter is a release version. So no, version 5.6.2 does not work with Firefox 27.0.x.
  • Some genius figured out how to do this, wasn't me. I downloaded Red Cats (both flavors using an Explorer tab. Opened the resulting .xpi file with WinRAR. Dragged and dropped the install.rdf file in a directory then dragged and dropped it into notepad. In the line that says " 27.0a1" I changed the 27 to a 42 (seemed like a good number). Saved the file, dragged and dropped it into the open WinRAR archive where it overwrote the original install.rdf. Closed WinRAR, double clicked on the .xpi file, installed it into Firefox 27.0 and it is running perfectly. I have cats again!!!
  • I love Red Cats (green flavor). It makes my FF browser a lot more fun (I use a browser for research work). It has icons for every thing I want to do. I'm disappointed that, once again, FF has made it incompatible. I look forward to the next update.
  • I have missed having this. Love the way the cat's tail bounces the ball when pages are loading and just like the overall look. After an update awhile back the app quit working and when I checked there was no update, so went back to the boring default. I haven't used my laptop much lately as the ipad does most of what I need, but remembered to check for update tonight and got my cats back! thank you!
  • I just upgraded to FF 24. Tried the work-around suggested, but no deal. How can we get the latest version to keep up with FF?
  • I love my Red Cats, and have used them for a very long time. It is very frustrating when I get a Firefox upgrade that's incompatible. Right now I'm still using 22.0 until Red Cats is compatible with 23. I wish it were easier to find out when an upgrade is compatible.