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  • Not working in Firefox 3.6, unless forced. Still seems to work fine though. Awesome extension ++

  • Nice, slim, usefull. Triggers some ideas how to proceed... Thanks a lot.

  • Superb

  • Very usefull. I wish it would be activated via the context menu.

    Developer response

    This feature has been added to v0.0.6

  • I really like that one an prefer it to RSVP Reader, too. Thank you!

    But I would also like to suggest a feature, that might help to improve comprehension. Maybe you could add an option to set a pause when it comes to long words. Like the punctuation pause, but for words that exceed a given length.

  • I would rate the way of presenting with 5 stars, but the completeness of the add-on with 1. I prefer this reader to the rsvp reader. There is no need to watch the reader line (as it is in rsvp reader), only when you want to read a web page, that's great!

    Developer response

    Hi, please can you add any feature requests you might have to the Issue tracker on the google code page?

  • All I can say is that I love this add-on! It really should be more popular...

  • At first using this add-on is a bit weird. As you use it more and more it becomes an invaluable add-on. Reading blogs, long and short text on a page becomes a breeze, takes less time, and is very easy on the eyes. Great add-on. Highly recommended. Stick with it and you'll love it.

  • I really like this addon. At first a little weird getting used to. But it makes reading long articles on the web a sinch and is very easy on the eyes. As you keep using it you'll love it and you'll be able to read things much faster. Works especially nice for reading blog posts from an rss reader.

  • Love this add-on, but one bug is bothersome: when you select "show next and previous line", frequently the three lines are shown too close together, and blend on the top and bottom, making it difficult to read any of them. If you could fix that up, it would be amazing :)

    Developer response

    Hi Jakkers, it would be great if you could add a screenshot of this happening and also add your settings to an issue on the Reasy Issue tracker at http://code.google.com/p/reasy/issues/list

  • Fantastic plugin, immediately improves reading speed, by forcing you to read at a high rate, and not get distracted along the way. Highly recommended for long articles.

  • Very good so far, much better implemented than anything else I've seen. Some occasional bugs but nothing show stopping.

  • Very useful tool! Works immediately. Used it once and feel like I can't live without it anymore.

  • Great concept, but it needs some style tweaks to deal with the CSS of some pages.

    I have a patch with comments ready, but there's nowhere to send it to on the home page. That kind of sucks.

    Developer response

    Some decent CSS tweaks would be most welcome, I am a CSS n00b of the lowest order, I added a contact e-mail address to the Reasy page so hopefully it less sucks, but I won't force you all the way over there:

    robbie [underscore] hinch [at] yahoo [dot] com

    Please make the subject contain 'Reasy', thankyou!

  • I also love this extension but as a previous reviewer suggested. it would be nice to have the option to add a tiny delay between paragraphs and also to have a key combo to read the selected text instead of automatically opening up the window. it would also be nice to have a keyboard shortcut like pressing the spacebar or some other key to pause and play the text.

    This will definitely help me save some time.

    I currently use the 400 wpm and 4 words per line with leading and trailing line and the live ink.

    Developer response

    I hope the changes in 0.0.3 are what you are looking for, thanks for the feedback!

  • This looks like a great tool. Its easy and very, very simple to use. Good for elderly with problem reading text on the internet etc.
    I am however experiencing a problem, I get no sound whatsoever, what can I do to fix this?

    Developer response

    I'm not too sure what you mean, there shouldn't be any sound, did you watch the video on the homepage?

  • Very nice! I like that it retains settings, window size, position and so on.

    One suggestion is to allow the user to insert pauses of settable length between sentences (and allow setting the length of the pause you already have between paragraphs).

    It would also be a good option to allow the user to decide whether he or she wants the window to pop up automatically. At the moment, if you select more than 25 words the window pops up, but you might have intended to copy a paragraph, so in this instance the reader becomes a hindrance. How about a menu or key to start reading a selection of any length if it exceeds the 25 or whatever setting the user has specified.

    Good job! Thanks, and cheers from Phoenix. Steve

    Developer response

    I hope the changes in 0.0.3 are what you are looking for, thanks for the feedback!

  • it is a space and time saver ! .
    one thing, why the presentation is so large ?

    good job, thanks Rob.