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Lacking a decent RSVP reader for Mac, I've been cutting and pasting text to Dictator (Windows XP in Parallels). Reasy seems like a perfect solution to that, but it's not particularly well-documented, and a considerable amount of trial and error may be involved before it makes sense to you.Even then, several of the preferences seem to do nothing: 'live link pseudo emulator,' 'skip over words,' and 'multi-line text spacing' (multi-line is an option in the video instructions that I don't see in the add-on). And what on earth is a 'z-index' supposed to be? In any event, as I said, changing values for any of these appears to do nothing.In case selecting text doesn't work when you have it set to open automatically, there's a context menu entry for invoking the add-on (nice feature).One nice improvement would be a fade back to the original screen, or at least a pause after the last word. If your original is from a white page, and you have Reasy set to subdued colors (I prefer lower contrast) and the original page dimmed (nice feature btw), the snap back to white can be jarring on the eyes.


Thanks for your quick reply and the link to the issue tracker.

I haven't made another tutorial since the first version, and the extension has evolved to meet certain user requests. Just to clear up a few things:

* 'live ink' mode will only become active if you are already viewing in multi line mode (show leading and trailing line)
* 'skip over words' sets how many words will be skipped forwards or backwards using the skip keys
* 'mult line text spacing' sets the margin size between each line when in multi line mode, so you will only see this doing something when you have 'Show leading and trailing line' enabled
* z-index sets the position that reasy takes on top of other elements in the web page, I made this a configuration so that I wouldn't be contributing to a z-index war where everybody sets a maximum z-index and the parameter becomes useless

I appreciate your comment about fading the reading window away, please could you add it to the issue tracker, you might find some more answers to things you've been wondering about there as well


Happy reading