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  • This theme is really nice, but is not working well with addon bar widgets. Try to use one and see the widget "bubble". It's looks strange.

  • Okay boys and girls...lets play nice out there! :-) It is obvious that "The Beautiful Game" sparks passion with many people and there will be endless debate of the origins, who is best, etc. until the end of time. However, this is NOT the platform to do this.

    I am pleased that this doesn't seem to cause any hiccups and the icons, etc. are easy to understand and use. When I go into the bookmarks to select whatever site I have marked, the bookmarked site's little icon really stand out now.

    In short, a happy little theme for a great sport indeed. GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SaintlyMic, sorry but English football is the real football not American footie or Aussie rules footie. Ours was invented first and as the name association football of football/footie for short therefore we've taken the name. Its the biggest sport in the world by far and the bigger associations are FA, UEFA and FIFA note not FISA or SA but FIFA, football.

    Your American football was influenced by English rugby hence why the goals, ball etc are the same/similar so its not even real rugby let alone real football. First come first served I say and isn't football played more than any other sport in your schools even more than American football or baseball? You have football leauges in the MLS and thousands of people do watch it even if its not as big as your sports but I've never even seen an American football specific goal or game played by people here in my life.

    If something is invented in a country and put out to the world but another country wants to call it something else in its own land it doesn't mean thats what its proper name is or the invention is changed does it! Maybe we should call the Television or Web something else then, lol.

    Great theme though to the creator well done, loving the green.

  • Real Football for little men you forgot to grow. To all mexicans. NO MAS BAMBINOS

  • As for the color scheme of this theme, and as for the way the icons are displayed ... GREAT JOB!!!
    As for the title of this theme ... WRONG!!!
    Soccer is soccer, not football! I can guess rather well that the person who designed the title of this theme says," Weal fuutebol" instead of "Real Football". LOL!!!
    There, you got the words you were expecting an American to say in response! LOL!

  • i have this theme anyway boring but i love soccer

  • I see a lot of potential in the theme, why i have to add. Does this theme add anything actually useful that is football related or is it purey gimmicky? I find it hard to distinguish between quite a few areas you could so with some sorta border or outlining perhaps. Also some of the icons are a bit outdated and you could have chosen some more up to date and more solid/cool ones imo. I shall refrain from listing them as i said, i do like it and i don't want to seem to be just being nasty lol.

  • Actually I'm only a football fan every two years when an int. championship happens, but that's another topic. ;)

    I think you've done a great job with that theme. It has nice coloring and icons, and foremost it's really complete and consistent. Tested it on WinXP and FF3 and had no problems.

    Only two small criticisms: I think it's not nice that the Options background is repeating itself so often. Maybe a wider color gradient would be better there. And the buttons look great, but maybe you should also add a hover and active effect to them.

  • I'll be honest and admit that I am a bigger fan of the NFL as far as football goes but that has nothing to do with this theme.

    It's a good consistent and thorough theme throughout.
    Nice work.