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  • great add-on!
  • Is a nearly perfect add-on it's auto-scrolling is set at a much to slow speed but the amount of freedom with which you can modify specific pages makes this add-on worth all 5 stars.

    I recommend this add-on to anyone who reads for hours on a computer as it will help a lot.
  • Thanks!! This has made my daily reading routine better!
  • Many formatting options. Reader works offline, unlike the "Readability" addon!
  • nice work, ;))
  • Good
  • Apenas acho que poderia ter uma opção de salvar o último ponto da leitura e compartilhamento e também salvar no delicious.

    No mais é uma ótima ferramenta.
  • This app is a huge blessing for me because it helps my eyes. I cannot read on a white background due to extreme light sensitivity. This is wonderful! Plus, it makes pages easier to sort through.
  • This is a great add-on-- well designed and easy to tailor to one's own taste.

    Thank You!
  • On firefox is very useful, it would be great to have him with seamonkey?
  • To me this is great add-on,work perfect just like I want,Thanx for that.
  • This is really a great extension. But I think it could be better with the possibility to justify the text and using the hyphenation.

  • Just found this add on today, and it's AWESOME! I've found some blogs which use hard to read fonts, and this fixes that problem, along with a pretty customizable interface. THANKS soo much!
  • 阅读神器!
  • I really like and appreciate the ability to customize colors exactly as I want

  • I think it's great!
  • nice thanks
  • Great.Works fine with FF4RC
  • Better than safari reader itself
  • It works now after I reinstalled my Mozilla Firefox. I can scroll using mouse wheel.
  • I loved the Redder feature in new Safari and I am so glad that this add on works just like Reader. No complaints from me so far.
  • Great Application!
  • Great Application!
  • Works fine so far, no problems here. Would be great if you could add on more fonts (Comic Sans!!) and if you would make a black on black color theme, maybe a dark grey on black one as well? That would be awesome! And whatever else you can think of, implement what ever options Safari Reader has and whatever other similar add ons have and you'll be the best when it comes to a Firefox Reader' Thanks for your hard work'
  • Great add-on.
    The only imperfection is that I need to permit javascript execution (I use Noscript).
    Can you do that without use of javascript and use CSS instead?
    Thank you very much