177 reviews
  • 虽然不是非常完美,但已经解决了内容阅读问题。
  • Code is not properly rendered.
  • I've loved this add on for a long time. Never had a single problem with it. Thanks for creating it.
  • Not working on android.
  • 1 Day and I see how great this add-on is...I love being able to control what I want to see without all those damn distractions. That just annoys me.
  • excellent.
  • Sorry! This page can not be simplified for reading because Firefox prevents scripts to work on this web site for security reasons.

    Please try another website for Reader extension.

    And yet the built in reader function works, just looks horrible.
  • Not suitable for android as settings aren't accessible.
  • uf!
  • Installed, saw that it doesn't force text-align: justify, downvoted accordingly, uninstalled, moving on.
  • Ставилось для чтения переводов вебстраниц на translate.google.com. Автоматическое распознавание зоны текста не работает, ручное выдает пустую страницу со словом "undefined". Firefox 66.0a1 x64, Windows 10.