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  • Looks loke there are problem with settings - the option is disabled and I'm unable to enter them. But I'll like if there will be options to change user agent: manually, on browser start, on tab change and on loading page. That will be really useful!

  • This is one of the WORST user agent switcher add-ons that there is. There is NO way for you to put a button for this add-on anywhere (that is IF it even has one at ALL). There's NO way for you to turn the add-on ON or OFF when YOU want to. (DISABLING an add-on DOESN'T count). IF BOTH of these problems ever get fixed, this will be a good add-on, but right now, just use this "Override User Agent" instead.

  • This is almost exactly what I was looking for! Not exactly, because it has some problems, and as such I removed it from my browser.

    Please give the user more options to configure this addon. What I need the most is the option to define my own list of user agent strings. Another useful option is the ability to define the frequency (or time) of UA switching.

    Looking forward to the new and improved version!

  • Great add on!

    For those of you who want it to automatically change the user agent on browser reload.

    Simply add randomuseragent.getUserAgent();
    to the last line of overlay.js file located in the xpi file. I opened it with 7zip to do this. Then install it. Presto, random user agent on every load for firefox.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure to load firefox once initially without modifying the add on. Then close it down the modify add on
    via the C:\Users\{Your User Name}\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\{random number.default}\extensions\randomUserAgent@agentor.xpi Open the xpi without 7zip and do the directions above.

  • Si hiciera lo que dice estaría genial.
    El User Agent no cambia ni cuando reinicias Firefox.
    Por ahora no le veo la mas mínima utilidad.

  • Two things are sorely missing from this add-on. First is the ability to have it change the user agent automatically at browser startup. But more importantly, when you disable or remove this add-on, the original, correct user agent is not restored! The last used fake user agent remains in place and the only way to restore it is by going into about:config and resetting the useragent.override line. This is a major annoyance when you encounter a website that requires the original user agent in order to function, and makes the add-on virtually unuseable for my own purposes.

  • This is exactly what we need in order to fight user agent-based tracking by Google, Facebook and all the other Big Brother companies. I second the suggestion of expanding it to include more parameters (such as Time Zone, Browser Plugin Details, etc.) as detailed in the Panopticlick project by the EFF. However, apart from the option to have it automatically change the user agent at browser startup, I don't think that operating it should be made any more complex. Right now it just does what it promised to do, with very little input needed from the user. This is great for the many uninformed users who are easily intimidated by too many options and features.

  • This could be a pretty useful addon for preventing User Agent-based tracking, however for this to be effective it should probably change the UA automatically each time a page is loaded.
    Also, I think it would be important to keep the browser name and version, just in case a page is optimized to work with a certain browser. This option may be configurable so that a totally random UA can be achieved if the user wants so.
    Another thing that could be done is randomizing any of the parameters on http://panopticlick.eff.org/ not only the UA.

    Oh, and maybe some sort of integration with the UserAgent Switcher addon would be nice.

  • Please, please add the option to change the user agent automatically at browser startup!

  • Raymii said it right about, I too would like to see:
    Specify your own list of agents (txt file or so)
    Status-bar icon instead of the user agent

    Although I'd personally prefer the user agent to change when I open Firefox, any more might get me logged out of some sites.

    The list of user agents is far too small, see this site for tons more:

    Having a changing user-agent is a great privacy tool, please make this better.

  • Its works under Arch Linux/Firefox 3.6.
    Some suggestions:
    Random user agent for every page/domain.
    Specify your own list of agents (txt file or so)
    Statusbar icon instead of the user agent

  • Hello!
    Your addons is fine. Whether it is impossible to hide this addon from the status-bar?

  • Need help with this... My user agent has permentally switch and I vant switch it back! here is the string >>

    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US) AppleWebKit/525.13 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/525.13

    Developer response

    type this into your adress bar: "about:config"
    search for "general.useragent.override" and reset it

  • It would be nice if it had an option to show a different user agent every time a page loads.

  • 1. most importantly, the user cant set his own user agent but rather, rely on an agent given to him.
    2. You're assuming that the agents are functioning flawlessly (which might be true). However, the user needs a benchmark for verification. For this, please appoint to a neutral page (not your own) that gives an output of the agent.
    3. The display is rather cluttered. Leave out the version numbers, perhaps dedicate an "advanced" display for them.
    4. The "settings" button never works. Is there anything behind it?
    5. The setup failed. I was only able to install from your website

  • Release these for Linux too please =)

    Developer response

    Unfortunately, it is currently not possible for me to test if it runs under linux too, because I've haven't installed linux. But a friend of mine will debug it for me and if it works, i will release it for linux too

  • Great idea. But the download fails due to "Invalid Hash (possible download corruption)". I've tried to download it about 10 times so I dont think its me.

    Please fix as I would love to get it.

  • Good one! Pls make it work with 3.0.3!!

    Developer response

    now it works with ff3 too

  • Maskiert den Browser sehr gut

  • Interesting idea. But when you visit a website with an embedded sun java applet and you are using an IE user agent, the applet and the browser will crash (at least that happens with my FF).

    Also i miss an option where the user can choose a (constant) default language. Mine was altered to "de" after installing the extension.

    At long last, it would be cool if there were an option where the user can manage (add/remove) user agent strings.

    Developer response

    some of your points, I will certainly implement in the near future. but at the moment i have to little time.