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  • The extension works great but broke too many sites so I uninstalled it. Be prepared for whitelisting several sites, otherwise you'll get broken functionality or infinite captchas because the site thinks you're a robot.
    Thanks for the feedback. Strictly speaking it is not the extension breaking the sites, but these sites perform browser sniffing and return invalid content when the believe the browser to be different from Firefox.

    I am afraid whitelisting is the only option in such a case, this is unfortunately beyond the extension's control.
  • Usually works really good. Might break some pages (like YouTube), but it's easy to disable it temporarily if it does. I have one problem with it though, the settings for what browser to spoof isn't saved. I clean out everything when exiting the browser, and somehow this revert the changes back to defaults (to Chrome). Not sure how the settings are saved, but they are lost every time i exit.

    Also, an option to change the agent on every reload (instead of just after X mins) would be nice.

    [EDIT] Got the settings to be saved by disabling Sync extension settings between browsers. Just a tip if other experience the save problem. The error occurs if you also purging the browser data on exit.
    Technically it is not the extension breaking these pages, but these pages returning invalid content because of browser sniffing.

    I am glad that you found a solution and it would be nice if you could reconsider the rating, unless you believe five stars are not warranted for another reason.
  • I would continue to use Random User-Agent, however, I had to uninstall due to its breaking of Youtube. With RUA enabled on Firefox, YT's homepage yields only grayed-out slots where the videos should be shown -- obviously I can't interact with anything, let alone watch a video.
    This error persists across the most recent versions of both Firefox and Waterfox. I had to disable all of my extensions and turn them on, one-by-one, and in the end, only RUA has this effect on Youtube.

    Will gladly re-install in the future if this problem is resolved.
    I am afraid this is not an issue of RUA but rather of Youtube, as it engages in browser sniffing and returns Firefox incompatible content when your browser claims to be e.g. Chrome (there was even a case where Microsoft accused Google of deliberate sabotage). Unfortunately there is nothing the extension can do about this. You could continue using RUA, you'd simply need to whitelist youtube.com.

    It would be nice if you could re-evaluate your rating in light of this situation, unless of you believe RUA doesnt deserve five stars for another reason.
  • there are a plethora of ways to fingerprint a browser - changing the UA is not only often useless, it is often *less* than useless in that it can make it easier to fingerprint - i don't know if the devs that write this rudimentary stuff and advertise it as a "privacy" add-on are doing it because it's their first add-on as a high school project or what, but you are doing a disservice to people by falsely claiming that changing the UA is generally a good thing for protecting privacy when you must know better, and if you don't, then you surely shouldn't be messing around in this area

    REPLY TO DEV: yes, my review was indeed a rant and i apologize if it seemed personal, but it really wasn't intended to be - i was attacking the idea of several developers wrongly insinuating that messing with the UA string is somehow going to lead to better privacy when, in fact, this is largely untrue and while you may consider this information "pretty useless", i disagree

    regarding your disclaimer, it isn't posted here where people d/l the add-on - why not?

    i also never implied that you were advertising the ext. as full-proof, but perhaps you should make that clear in your description instead of possibly allowing people to perceive otherwise, like @acritum who wrongly thinks, "Well, the main idea of using this plugin is to minimize the spying activities ..."

    in the end i feel my review is accurate and i will let it stand - if you feel otherwise, you can gripe to Moz and likely get it removed, or you can be far more open and informative with folks and i'll update or delete it myself
    Rants and insults are always very helpful.

    If you had cared to look into it you would have come across https://github.com/tarampampam/random-user-agent/issues/47 where this issue is actually addressed.

    The extension never pretended to be absolutely foolproof and does carry a disclaimer. Your review and your rating is pretty useless as it just lashes out and does not objectively review the extension.


    2ND REPLY: Well, you will have to extend your crusade in this case as there is a myriad of such extensions available for both Firefox and Chrome. There is no all-in-one solution available to completely change your browser and RUA does not claim that either but specifically and only refers to the user agent.

    It is neither within the scope nor the extension's job to educate people about their privacy or clarify myths they picked up in some random location and blindly believe. People still have a responsibility for their own actions. The extension is supposed to change your user agent and that is what it does AND clearly says here, nothing else. There might be some sites which perform a thorough browser analysis and where a faked user agent might make you actually more trackable but these will be still a minority.

    I will not report your review but I still stand by my statement that it is a poor review not addressing the software at hand but solely expressing your opinion and believes about a certain topic. You can certainly disagree and I would not expect a 5 out of 5 rating, but the present rating makes your intentions very obvious.
  • Thanks for the rating, though what would be missing for the fifth star? :)

    If you experience any problems please open an issue at https://github.com/tarampampam/random-user-agent/issues/new?labels=&template=bug_report.md
  • keep developing , good
  • Is there anything missing for a fifth star? :)
  • Well thought-through simple user-friendly interface. There are some issues with it interfering with the functionality of some Web sites (e.g. LinkedIn). I'm not sure why that's the case. If it wasn't for this, it would be a great add-on.
    Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately these issues will be most likely based on browser sniffing and invalid JavaScript being returned by the site. Some sites are not cross-browser compatible and have browser-specific hacks. This is unfortunately beyond the extension's control.

    It would be nice if you could reconsider your rating with that information in mind. Thank you.
  • This is a good plugin, but for some reason when I pick "Chrome" in the settings, I get Safari instead of Chrome. And the plugin apparently doesn't change window.navigator.platform , I don't know if it lacks permissions to be able to do this, but it would be an important feature for spoofing the OS
    Could you please open a ticket at https://github.com/tarampampam/random-user-agent/issues regarding the Safari issue?

    As for "platform", that has been a known issue for quite some time unfortunately https://github.com/tarampampam/random-user-agent/issues/7
  • this is the best user-agent addon.
    it has all the features you need.
    best of all it is well put together and incredibly smooth.
  • Main problem is the user agent isn't per-site. There are several user agent switchers that work per site, and several that randomize, but im still looking for one that does both to actually fill the role.

    From a "user agent tracking" perspective, random spoofing per site prevents user agent based tracking (though of course there are other methods) within a single session, without this feature it somewhat defeats the point as if you're on two sites within the same random cycle you'll still be user agent matched.
  • good product
  • Somehow this addon will cause Twitter's input box stop working (can not cut or paste).

    Firefox 60.0.1 64Bit
    Windows 10 Pro 64bit
    You can report a bug at https://github.com/tarampampam/random-user-agent/issues

    But this is most likely due to Twitter performing browser sniffing and serving incompatible content when your browser does not identify as Firefox. There is nothing the extension could do.

    It would be nice if you could re-evaluate your rating based on that.
  • Klein und funktioniert top! Einstellungen sind ebenfalls top! Vielen Dank!
  • Does the job well and the best random user agent switcher I found so far. Consider adding Chrome for Android so that there can be a few versions (latest and some early versions of chrome for mobile) of that user agent, the more the better. Consider keeping the user agents updated and more randomized from time to time so that websites do not blacklist certain user-agents. Overall I see great potential in your add on and hope you keep it updated for a long time and keep it growing with functions.
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