Random Agent Spoofer Version History

11 versions

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Version 119.5 KiB Works with Firefox 45.0 - 56.*

Fixed most of the broken script injection features that broke with firefox 45.
Window spoofing and date spoofing still need to be re-implemented.
Most of the profiles were updated.
Fixed the toggle code

Version 118.2 KiB Works with Firefox 38.0a1 - 49.*

Re-enabled script injection
Reimplemented toggle system including a mouse menu entry and about:addons checkbox
Added option to toggle whitelist from the context menu
Added option to choose geolocation service
Added option to specify the accept language header
Added more fine grained referer header options
Script injection options and whitelist can now be used with the real profile
Updated many profiles
Code cleanup

Version 106.5 KiB Works with Firefox 35.0 - 43.*

Since A number of changes have taken place

NOTE script injection options and whitelist options are disabled in the AMO version to better comply with AMO policy. They have been disabled in the UI and in the pagemod initialization code.

Changes relating to whitelist and script injection options have been omitted below

The toggle based system was removed as it confused users.

In this version (AMO) only the profile and its related accept headers are toggled together.

Many preferences now built in firefox preferences as we no longer have to maintain a toggled state and this means that preferences are set based on their values at install time.

The user interface was completely redesigned and the HTML and CSS was cleaned up. A big thanks to @alct on github for all his work and help on these.

Many new options were added to the Options (Extras) Section

Disable navigation timing (disables dom.enable_performance)
Disable battery api
Disable gamepad api
Use click to play for plugins
Block active mixed content
Block display mixed content
Disable browser pings
Disable clipboard events
Disable context menu events
Enable tracking protection (uses disconnects block list, requires safe browsing prefs to be enabled )
Disable plugin name enumeration
Disable CSS visited links

A Context menu entry was added to allow users choose a temporary email address for one time signups. There are 6 providers to choose from and it is activated by invoking the menu on an input box.

An option was added to allow users to disable the context menu

Profiles were updated and many old and obscure ones were removed.

A random mobile option was added

Random options were added for each platform

Added option to disable pdfjs was added
Added option to disable WebRTC
Added option to disable Authorization Header (Authentication)
Added option to set DNT header
Added option to set referer header
Added option to disable webGL

The exclude profiles handling code was updated

A help / about tab was added containing links to the user manual , the wiki , the source code and

Miscellaneous code cleanup

Version 60.7 KiB Works with Firefox 21.0 - 39.0

Version 54.1 KiB Works with Firefox 21.0 - 31.*

#45 Add firefox 28 profiles
#44 Fix header ip input box alignments

Version 53.9 KiB Works with Firefox 21.0 - 30.*

Fixes the UI on Firefox 30
#42 Broken UI of FF 30

Version 0.8.1-signed 53.9 KiB Works with Firefox 21.0 - 28.*

#38 Separate the functionality provided in main.js into smaller files.
#34 Add option to allow users to set specific IPs for the XFF and via headers
#40 Include addon name in notifications
#30 Add option to change browser profile per request

Version 0.7.1-signed 49.1 KiB Works with Firefox 21.0 - 28.*

This release brings support for accept header spoofing. The accept headers match the browser profile that the addon is spoofing. Lots of profiles were updated and new ones were added so that all profiles are now complete. A small cosmetic fix was made for firefox 27 so the tabs are rendered correctly. Spoofing can now be toggled within the profile tab as well as the quick toggle option using the icon. A default profile option was added to allow users to use some of the header and extras options but not spoof the browser profile itself.

#5 Add correct browser information for each platform
#7 Add support for accept headers
#33 Allow just Spoof headers and extra tab
#35 Tabs are initially not rendered correctly on FF27
#36 Change how the accept language header is sent so firefox does not change the relative quality value

Version 0.6.1-signed 45.6 KiB Works with Firefox 20.0 - 29.0

Added more browser profiles such as PS4 Palemoon, Icecat, and more android devices

Added extra options to the extras tab
  • Disable geolocation support
  • Disable dns prefetching
  • Disable link prefetching

Added headers tab with the option to send spoofed headers for
  • Via
  • X Forwarded For
  • If None Match

Version 0.5.1-signed 43.6 KiB Works with Firefox 21.0 - 29.0

Updated many of the browser profiles with extra data to better match their real versions.

Added some new browser profiles such as Firefox 26

Changes now are now applied on change instead of on hide.

User interface is now tabbed with two tabs currently, the user agent tab and the extras tab.

Added support for extra options
  • Option to limit local dom storage
  • Option to disable browser cache
  • Option to limit fonts to a standard set (monospace, serif, times new roman)
  • Option to limit tab history to two

Version 0.2.1-signed 214.4 KiB Works with Firefox 17.0 - 29.0


Now supports notifications which the user can toggle

Added more user agents such as windows phone and more bsd user agents among others

Added the option to choose a random desktop only user agent in addition to the current random all option. This prevents the mobile view being shown when the user agent changes at random.

Some small bug fixes