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169 reviews for this add-on
  • this work perfectly fine

  • i just like it

  • nz

  • Was having trouble getting netflix to work on Firefox 52.7.3 (64-bit) ESR even with the option to play DRM content enabled. So, I tried this because I knew netflix worked with older versions of Firefox and figured it was worth a shot. I had to disable to option to play DRM content which makes sense because they did not have that option with the version I chose as my profile (Firefox 45 ESR). After all that it worked and that saved me from having to use chrome every time I want to watch something :). Thanks to the author for the useful addon.

  • good

  • Very comprehensive,does a lot more than it says on the tin,seems to get along with all the other addons ... see how we go long term

  • Excellent. Too bad no support for web extensions in Quantum. You will be sadly missed, RAS!

  • love this

  • Random Agent Spoofer (RAS) by DByrne is so much more than a spoofer. I install RAS on every web browsing machine I use. Once installed, check out "Options" for a cornucopia of excellent privacy and security options, especially those under "Standard Options". Most of the RAS settings can be done via other means such as aboutConfig, but it is convenient having an interface in one place to quickly enable/disable the settings.

    If you enable RAS for full privacy such as I do, RAS will occasionally break the interactive aspects of websites such as 'social' websites, netflix, ebay, etc... If you experience a broken website, simply revert to your true browser profile, right click on the page, click disable RAS, then do a HARD page refresh (Ctrl-F5). Once done with that poorly written website, reverse these steps. RAS breaking websites says more about the poor manner those websites are programmed and less about RAS.

    PS: I am staying with Firefox 56.x because many excellent addons such as RAS & QuickJava will not work with Firefox 57 onward.

    PSS: Hint, after configuring, keep a backup of your prefs.js file in case you exit Firefox w/o re-enabling RAS. Alternatively, if you accidentally exit w/o enabling, double check all your RAS settings - you lost them. It can be abit of extra work but RAS is very well worth this occasional inconvenience.

  • ok

  • Отличный аддон.
    Жду обновления для совместимости с firefox quantum.

  • 5* for the old version, waiting for a new Firefox 57 update

  • Обновил список браузеров до актуальных версий

    Добавляете сюда C:\Users\Richi\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\k44lqb9l.default-1746287790123\extensions
    файл плагина jid1-AVgCeF1zoVzMjA@jetpack.xpi скачиваете тут

  • Firefox Resources Reader

    The resource:// URI scheme is used by Firefox to call on-disk resources from internal modules and extensions.

  • 5 start app. And heads down to developer. but it has not been updated from year.

    Developer response

    Many of the features can not be added under web extensions unfortunately

  • Its working fine with Mozilla Latest version.

  • I cant fint this option, where is it?

  • We need Webextension )

  • This has been a valuable addon for me for so long now, as I'm sure it has been to many others. Please convert this to a WebExtension so it can live on!

  • I'm in panic and despair without it in Nightly, please, make it webext!

  • I'm looking forward to WebExtensions update, as I'm sure are many others. Thank you!

  • Mr developper, you should update your Legacy addon! Thanks very much ! Read this:

  • Excellent, except for timezone spoofing. Any progress with this issue?

  • Feature rich for privacy protect add-on (except that time zone spoofing isn't implemented in current release) but what's this - if this add-on is uninstalled it reverts back all modified settings to default in about:config ... It's a catastrophe.

    Not a bad free addon but it's useless against:
    Limited supercookie test
    Browser Plugin Details
    Time Zone
    DNT Header Enabled?
    Touch Support