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  • Please update this addon for Firefox 57+
    Not works on FF 57+ 64 bit !!
  • Please update this addon for Firefox 56+
    Not works on FF 56+ e10s 64 bit (((
  • This replaced the colorpicker from the dev tools that was deprecated for no reason and you don't have to open dev tools to use it, it's just one click away. I'm on firefox 55.0.2(64-bit) now and it still works. I've had it for a long time. I don't get it why it doesn't let me add it since it works. Maybe an update form the dev?
  • Does not work with Mozilla Firefox Development Edition.
  • I just upgraded to Firefox 51.0.1 (64-bit) and it quit working. This is (or was) the most valuable tool for me as a designer. I am saddened by the constant need of upgrades on all platforms that make lovely add-ons like this obsolete.
  • Hello,

    I tried your extension in firefox developer version and it didnt seems to be working on it.

    Just letting you know

    Take care.

    Best Regards,

    UrlSave - Experience the Organized Web!
  • Would be better if it remembered your color choices when you exited a website for the next time when you opened it. Other than that, it works as expected. Really well done. Just add the ability to save the website colors for next time and you gain another star or two.
  • 很简单的取色工具!让我开发页面的时候更加方便了!
  • This is my favorite colorpicking tool for websites. Makes my work a lot easier!
  • My favourite add-on of all.
  • This tool is Great and accurate!
    It finds the exact #hex and RGB colors correctly.
    I have added it to my Favorites :-)
    Thank you for creating this addon.
  • It's the best tool to pick colors from the browser.
  • Before the addition of the eyedropper to the Developer tools this was, and still is extremely useful due to its ease of use. Great for quickly copying that color that you want to use or find without having to take a screenshot and open it in an image editing program.
  • Cool and Useful.
  • Works great. An easy-to-use tool for those of us who are "challenged" by the more complex developer add-ons. ;)
  • i love this add-on!
  • FANTASTIC!!! very easy and simple to use
  • 特别方便 必须大大的赞一个
  • And for my next trick, I shall mimic any color
  • Ничего не заменит этот инструмент!
  • I've been using this addon about a month. Like it very much! Thanks for such a beautiful colors!
  • nice colors :))
  • My favorite Picker. The color swatch moves with your cursor, updating on the fly. The settings lets you choose a number of display color options: from RBG with Alpha to Hex (Hex with # in front when you paste, or no #). Clicking the color automatically saves the value, making it really quick to cut 'n' paste while doing code. A tight and complete little interface.

    Inspector: Best selling point. The coup de grâce against all the other color pickers.
    Picker: cool tool, but the arrows need to be dragable. It's click only on the color swatch.
    View Last Color: good. Would be better to show a list of the last 5 values (or be able to set the number)
    Website Analyzer: Great idea. Works well too.
    Library:Needs explaining on how to use. Not intuitive.
  • The best color picker ever!
  • Thank you for the hard work.