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33 reviews for this add-on
  • I still can't install this on Firefox 3, it keeps telling me it's not a valid package...

    Developer response

    Make sure third-party cookies are enabled or you cannot install experimental add-ons (see bug 437174). If it still does not work try downloading the xpi (log in, right-click the "Add to firefox" button, "save link as"), then dragging it into the Firefox window. If that still does not work please post on the forum thread or email me to debug further.

  • This is the best replacement for the original RadialContext. I'd really like to congratulate mzz for a great job.

    Developer response

    Thank you! Also \"thank you\" to everyone else who reviewed it, I do read the reviews even though I do not reply to all of them.

  • I used to use FireGestures but tried this and prefer it. There's a short learning curve but once you get the hang of it it makes browsing that much easier and faster (especially if your laptop mouse is spotty like mine sometimes is).

  • Livesaver, can´t live without it.

  • brilliant work! After going through the code, I think it's time to retire the -D version and move to -MZ!

    No bugs on Windows/FF3, and the new features are great. Time to get out of the sandbox!

  • Yes! At last, I can have again my radial context menus in Firefox3. Thanks a lot for this great updated version.

  • 1.1 works better than expected :) (on firefox 3.0rc1)

  • Does not give radial context menus.
    I uninstalled original radial context thinking there may be conflicts, but find this add-on does not give me radial context menus, so wtf?

    Developer response

    (This is intended as a reply from the developer, but the box I am typing in is labeled "review", so I hope this works...)

    Installing this side-by-side with the original radialcontext should work, but really weird things will probably happen if you let both use the same mouse button and modifier. If you want to experiment with both you could tell one to listen to ctrl+click and the other to no modifier (and that definitely used to work, but I cannot test it conveniently right now because I do not have a Firefox 2 installed).

    And it obviously does work for me. To help me debug this, could you try one or more of the following things:

    - Tell me what version of Firefox and platform (Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, Windows) it fails to work with.

    - Check if it works with a clean profile (I think tells you how, but there may be better documentation). If it works with a clean profile: tell me what extensions are present in your normal profile (or even better: figure out which one I am incompatible with).

    - Check for any errors in the error console after enabling chrome error logging (javascript.options.showInConsole, see among others).

    - Check if the menu preview in the preferences dialog shows up, and check the error console after checking that.

    If you can provide enough information for me to reproduce the problem I am optimistic about fixing it, but so far I obviously have no idea what is going wrong. Any information you provide will be greatly appreciated.