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Great addon! Thanks for your work & time!

PS: My first wish would be a different icon set (the white background symbols are irritating) or even better: 3 different sets to choose from..

Second wish would be an (optional) different right click behavior cause it interfers now with All-In-One Gestures.

I would like radialcontext to respond on right-button-up and automatic activation of the menu item on hover. Deactivation with timeout or rightclick again.

This would be useful for tablet use.

Different icons are not going to happen unless someone draws the complete set for me (a few dozen images, see the "skin" directory in the jar file). Adding code to customize the icon set is pretty easy but you do not want me to draw things. Trust me on this. :P

I will require a lot of convincing to add activation-on-timeout (I personally hate features like this where I have to be fast enough to stop the interface from doing things I do not want it to). If I understand correctly your other suggestion is to do nothing on right button down + drag and activate on right button up? That is doable (although I cannot think of a case where it would be useful other than interacting with an addon like all-in-one gestures, so it's really just noise in the customization ui for everyone else...). I will add this if it does not complicate the code too much (notice clicking the menu open and clicking again to activate already works, so this is probably pretty simple to add).