Rated 5 out of 5 stars

A very useful timesaver. I always install it!
Set to open on drag to get the context menu back.
Works with easygestures addon - for twice the pies!
Use ffchrome addon to hide the context menu items this has.
Customize is unintuitive; try this:
pick menu _window_, pick entry _right_, pick action _blank_, hit add.

To undo, pick the _blank_ in the lower textbox, hit remove.

Please make the icon donut twice as large - If my mouse goes sideways 3 pixels, I get a submenu and have to start over.
Also a drag should be twice what it is now - too sensitive.

Customize does work here (although there is a small chance I broke it on non-linux platforms and did not notice). However I do think the way that interface works is far from obvious, I just have not been able to think of a better one offering the same features yet.

Can you email me or describe on the mozillazine forums exactly what steps you are taking, what you would expect to happen, and what actually happens? If this is an actual bug I can try to fix it, and if it is the ui being clunky a description of how people actually expect it to work can give me ideas for a redesign.