I would want to extend it... Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Hi There, first up an excellent extension and does many things that I want to implement in my dad's kiosk. Except that I would want to add a couple of more features.

* This extension still allows navigating away from browser using Alt+Tab, the idea is to prevent any user activity until in secure-mode. That means removing Alt+Tab and Ctrl+Home and windows key.

* Preventing closing the window with Alt+F4, I would want that a user can only close the window by pressing logout button on my page. That means window closes only after a voluntary successful logout.

* Disabling Windows key as well

* Disabling Ctrl+Esc

* Disabling any other feature that allows navigating away from the window.

* Having all these features in chrome.

Can you suggest me how can I implement these changes and port this application in chrome.