Qype Nice 0.40

Privacy Policy

Qype Nice will collect data from the pages, when you visit the following sites: qype.com and qype.co.uk
Collecting data is solely done for your personal use. This is the purpose of this add-on.

The collected data will be saved in the database "QypeNice.sqlite" in firefox's profile folder on your local computer. This Database is not protected and can potentially be accessed by people and software having access to your computer and the firefox profile folder.

You can export Data of qype-reviews and lists to a file if you choose to.

In a future version a "synchronization feature" is planned. When you explicitly agree, this feature will be able to send the collected data to destinations which you specify.

You can see the collected data in the Qype Nice-dialog accessible via "Tools -> Qype Nice". At the moment (version 0.4) the following data is collected:
- Your qype username and internal user-id.
- Your reviews at qype.
- Any qype list you view including the places they contain.
- The qype-messages and kudos (feedbacks) you receive.
- The qype-messages you send to others
- Some visible data and the internal id of your qype-contacts, the contacts you visit, send messages to, receive messages from.

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