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EDIT (2) after developer's 2nd reply:
Increasing cookie lifetime to 6 months is appreciated. I'd visit QwickUp more than 2 times a year but maybe less than once a month. Depends.
Be it here or for whatever cookie concerned website I admit I don't understand why it sounds like cookie duration is the object of a bargain ! On one hand we have the problem of sites abusing of tracking cookies and on another hand, when the cookie as here is necessary and pertinent, one has to strive to have it last more than a month !
Gosh -- Anyway, thanks for the developer's concern and, I repeat, QwickUp is really handy.

EDIT after developer's reply:
I made a mistake in this way that the cookie is valid longer than session (I didn't recall correctly my few months old last experience), but not in that the cookie's validity duration is restrictive: 1 month. QwickUp cookie I just got installed ends december 8th, 2012. One month is short. Why not have it like others at least a year, when not 10 :) Anyway, 1 month better than session only, so 4 stars (no, I don't mean to be arrogant!)

Saving your customizations on QwickUp requires signing in, and the site relies on Google, Facebook or Yahoo for this purpose. Not everyone has an account in either of the three above-mentioned and if they do some just don't like the method.QwickUp in itself is really nice, well-done, but its cookie will not remember settings after session. Consequently no QwickUp and therefore no QwickUp add-on. Really a pity.

Long life cookies can result in outdated lookup settings, but this issue is being resolved.

Again thanks for feedbacks and review, please let me know if you find any other issue or have suggestion. :)

(By the way, Mozilla doesn't send notification for review updates, so please notify us in other way if required.)


I appreciate your feedbacks. Cookies life has been increased to 6 months and will be increased more if required. (Are you visiting QwickUp less than 2 times a year? :)

An option to reset to default list is also going to be added soon.


Thanks for feedback. There should be a bug, customizations are programed to be saved as cookie for a long time "without signing in". Only if you sign out after customizations they will be reset.

Please try again. If it's possible for you please also check cookies set by qwickup. I'm here to serve, please let me know more about the issue.