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  • Je n'ai qu'à me louer d'utiliser Qwant depuis plusieurs années
  • The first impression was promising but after installing the addon Qwant gave itself the permission to change my startpage without my consent and there is no way to disable this. That's unacceptable and quite fishy for a search engine that 'respects' my privacy. Going back to DuckDuckGo.
  • Some time after installing, it changed my homepage without my consent! When I go to Settings > Home, I'm not able to input my previous or new homepage url - they're all greyed out with a message underneath:
    "An extension, Qwant, is controlling your home page."
    The only way to restore your homepage or change it appears to be by disabling or uninstalling this extension!!!

    I've sent an abuse report to Mozilla about this addon. Uninstalling this right now and sticking to DuckDuckGo.
  • On installing Qwant, it made itself my main search engine - without my consent!

    I used this search engine for a few minutes, but found that I could only choose 'english for the interface display, and not the actual searches that came back!

    Why is that not an option?! ... french, dutch and german were choices, but not english.

    After that experience, I uninstalled the Qwant extension, it prompted me to submit a reason why I was uninstalling. I was told that my few lines of explaination was 'too long' (max is 255 characters) ...ok fine, so I gave up, totally ridiculous!

    Once uninstalled, I noticed that my startup homepage and tabs had been deleted! ... I had 5 tabs that open on firefox start-up, after uninstalling Qwant they had been deleted.

    What a pathetic attempt, get a grip Qwant .. do you even think about your users?

    - these are important and annoying inconveniences, and they are not even being addressed.
  • changing your home page and controlling it sucks. Ask people in Hong Kong. Control sucks. Its a no brainer. Use Duck Duck Go,it respects your browser
  • This addon may be a good shortcut for all of Qwant's services (board, bookmarks and so on). On the other hand, forcing a predefined and fixed start page is unacceptable. I like (and use) Qwant a lot, but this kind of behavior is meh... Telling users to download Qwant Lite extension is pointless, as there's no need for an extension to set a default search engine.
  • Page par défaut de firefox pointe obligatoirement sur Qwant (impossible à changer sans désactiver l'extension).
    Et même si on se connecte à son compte Qwant dans l'extension, çà n'est pas répercuté sur le site (on doit se connecter à nouveau...).
    Je supprime cette extension, c'est une catastrophe.
  • Obligé d'enlever l’extension car je veux juste avoir Qwant en moteur de recherche par défaut. Pas avoir la page d'accueil. Je n'arrive plus à supporter de voir les "Hot trends", trop déconcentrant. Et des fois je me laisse aller et donc je retrouve sur des sites qui n'ont aucun respect de la vie privé. Donc ça porte atteinte à la mission que s'est donnée Qwant.