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  • It should not change my homepage to Qwant. I use it all the time as a search but I like to keep a few tabs when I launch Firefox
  • Right after installing it changes my homepage setting in Firefox - withou any question and without ability to revert. The only way to restore homepage was to dissable the extension... Thi "feature" makes the whole extension useless.
  • Aucun PB, Je préfère à GOOGLE
  • déjà c'est Français,cela marche aussi bien que les autres,ça va bonifier avec le temps
  • Same as RA.AZ
  • Excellent !
  • Je n'ai qu'à me louer d'utiliser Qwant depuis plusieurs années
  • The first impression was promising but after installing the addon Qwant gave itself the permission to change my startpage without my consent and there is no way to disable this. That's unacceptable and quite fishy for a search engine that 'respects' my privacy. Going back to DuckDuckGo.
  • Some time after installing, it changed my homepage without my consent! When I go to Settings > Home, I'm not able to input my previous or new homepage url - they're all greyed out with a message underneath:
    "An extension, Qwant, is controlling your home page."
    The only way to restore your homepage or change it appears to be by disabling or uninstalling this extension!!!

    I've sent an abuse report to Mozilla about this addon. Uninstalling this right now and sticking to DuckDuckGo.