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  • For those looking for latest firefox, Qute 6++ is for you -> https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/qute-6/
  • I know--a far off request--but I am sure missing this theme.

    Thanks again for all your hard work maintaining this up until now
  • I've used Qute since FireFox 4.0 andI'm saddened to learn that it will be no longer updated for FF29.0 and future versions. I have yet to find another theme that I like as much as this one.
  • Please update for firefox 29, and if possible make the back & forward buttons separated from the url bar as well as the reload & stop buttons. And if you could put back the 'Go' button would be great. thankyou
  • This was a great theme, it's too bad Mozilla/Firefox has chosen to damage their brand by rendering practically every existing Complete Theme add-ons useless and unmanageable to maintain. I think I understand the reasons why this Theme will no longer be updated.
  • Good theme but in Windows 8.1 that gradient on tab bar (tabs in title bar) is REALLY ugly >,< can you make it fully transparent and remove that silly gradient?
    I am sorry, but I don't have the possibility to test the theme under Windows 8.1. Even if I use the official images for VirtualBox I can not test the transparency effects.
  • Can you also update the Kempelton theme?
  • My every day's darling. Can't like Firefox without it. (Mein Lieblings-Theme - ohne das mag ich Firefox nicht anschauen.)
  • Thanks for supporting Firefox theme for Linux. Nice theme.
  • This is the only theme on AMO which actually improves on the default Firefox theme from a usability perspective. Instead of being flashy, this version of Qute uses well-designed icons that are easy to identify yet don't draw attention away from the active web site. For instance, the 'bookmarked' icon in the address bar is red when selected, grey when not. This makes it much easier to identify when the icon is selected, in every other theme, including the default Firefox theme, I must squint to deternine the state. Thank you!
  • I wish this was available on OSX.

    Not having a Qute based theme on FF 4+ is the main reason why I kept using 3.6 for as long as possible.
  • Excellent! Tames Firefox under Windows 8 - fixing the world of ugly splodgy text and oversize chrome.
  • Version 1.20.1 cures the problem and displays Ok in Ff 20.0.1
    (ypu can get it in the link "other versions")
  • Really like the theme; however, it seems FF 20.0 has thrown part of it for a loop. It seems the Web Developer stuff has changed and when inspecting an element, several buttons are missing along the developer toolbar and the appearance of the element identifier within the page has lost all of it's styling to where it gets lost in the page. It's just small black text now.
  • Thank you for continuing to update this theme, Murphy. There was a time in the past when one programmer gave up on keeping it updated and eventually you took over. I really appreciate your work. It may have a simple appearance, but it's cheerful and I have loved it for years.
  • Very beautiful theme!

    Unfortunately it's missing the small icon for unavailable RSS feed. There's just nothing where the button should be. With large icons or sites that have RSS all is well.
    Thanks for your report. This will be fixed in the next version. If you don't want to wait, please install the current development version 1.18.1b1.
  • Best Theme out there, and constantly kept up to date with FF version of the day.
  • Wonderfully simple skin.

    It gives the navigation bar a colorful and smooth design.
    Murphy keeps updating it at each new Firefox version.
    Thank you very much.
  • This does not work with FF15, the back and forward buttons are not rendered correctly, they just seem to be superimposed on the default buttons
  • Thanks Murphy, for the next-day update! :-)
  • I love this theme, it is my favorite of all time! I thought it was gone forever after Firefox 4.

    Thank you for taking Arvid's work and porting it!
  • I loved!
    How to use with personas?
    Unfortunately personas are not supposed to work with custom themes. This is a well known bug. See https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=520124 for more details.

    Nevertheless there is a workaround:
    1. Enable the desired Persona and restart.
    (The Persona is displayed on top of the default theme.)
    2. Enable the desired theme and restart.
    (The theme is displayed without a Persona.)
    3. In about:config, set lightweightThemes.isThemeSelected to true and restart.
    (The theme and persona appear together.)
  • After trying many other themes, I always come back to this one. The theme is very compact with lots of screen space. The icons are clean, vivid, and just the right size. If I could I would give you 10 stars for this wonderful offering.
  • Great work.
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