Rated 3 out of 5 stars

It does exactly what it says :-)

Main reason I installed it was for the "auto-url" function, where it converts a plain text link to a clickable one (I'm used to using Avant! & Orca which have that feature built-in, but forced to use FireFox at the moment), however, I've noticed that there's no "open in new tab" feature anywhere (either in the settings or in the menu). Since one of the biggest online security threats is browser/session hijacking (where the "door" to a membership site such as e-mail or a social network - or worse, an online bank account! - is opened while a persons browser leaps from one site/server to another) this is a feature I'd really like to see implemented. I realise I could simply copy/paste the url into a new tab but that gets really annoying after a while.



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