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  • Sorry for rating it 1 out of 5 but since the add on does not work at all, I cannot give it any other rating.
  • Excellent app, very useful and perfectly working. However I had to fiddle with it for half an hour before getting it to work. I was trying to remove a part of an URL and I did not know that empty replace field was not allowed. The extension does not report the fact and simply does not execute the rule. Could you please allow for blank replace field or at least print some error message so that users don't have to figure out by useless attempts what is the issue?
  • The blank tab bug when opening a link via middle click still exits in the latest version. I'm unable to use this extension because of that bug. Please re-fix it. Thanks
  • Very useful add-on for Firefox, but have a ugly bug at last 3 or 4 version of Firefox.
    Mouse middle click on link open 2 pages (one with needed link and one empty page "javascript:void(0);"), i think add-on setting "Close extra empty tab created on anchor click" not work, please fix it.
  • The add-on is really great until you use openSUSE and try using its «1-click install» feature, for example: http://software.opensuse.org/package/krenameWhen I click the button, nothing happens. Normally (without QuietUrl), a *.ymp file should be downloaded.P.S. Your site is broken, I couldn't either report a bug or open contacts there. :-(
  • When this add-on activates a link, the link remains in the (Status-4-Evar) statusbar until Firefox is restarted. Fix that, and I'll gladly upgrade my rating to five stars!
  • You should to add an option for an url redirection to anonymity services or proxies (as the example, anonym.to, which removes referrer). Because these links are made inactive for some reason, and authors of the posts did not want to leak information about the links through referrers.

    On the other hand, this option will be useful to the users of your extension.

    Simple substitute found urls to %URL%:
    And add an ability to change the address of service (to edit it).
  • I right click on status bar, and context menu for browser comes up, hiding context menu for QuietUrl. I cant do anything because QuietUrl is behind context menu for firefox browser.

    It would been nice to have click able links for email to.
  • It works and it is convenient :)
  • There is a way to make it work under FF4. Go to your extensions directory and find the dir named {E19DF523-EFFD-48d2-95A2-883CB3BA32A4} - this is a QuietUrl folder. Next edit the install.rdf and change the 28 line to 4.1 - this will let the extension work (even with other extensions like Status-4-Evar).
  • Awesome! This add-on is so nifty that when I had to reprogram my computer, I forgot I had this add-on when re-installing extensions and I almost went crazy looking for whatever it was that let me hover over plaintext links and click on them! That, and it helped me realize how many times I misspell Google. I forgot that I had this add-on until I noticed it was gone. That's one mistake I'll never make again!
  • Please make compatible to FF 4 beta 4/5
  • It does exactly what it says :-)

    Main reason I installed it was for the "auto-url" function, where it converts a plain text link to a clickable one (I'm used to using Avant! & Orca which have that feature built-in, but forced to use FireFox at the moment), however, I've noticed that there's no "open in new tab" feature anywhere (either in the settings or in the menu). Since one of the biggest online security threats is browser/session hijacking (where the "door" to a membership site such as e-mail or a social network - or worse, an online bank account! - is opened while a persons browser leaps from one site/server to another) this is a feature I'd really like to see implemented. I realise I could simply copy/paste the url into a new tab but that gets really annoying after a while.


  • Thanks for this. Please consider creating a comparison matrix for your extension and Redirector, by Einar Egilsson, amo:5064

    The most obvious difference I see is that his supports wildcards and regex while yours only the latter.

    hopefully this extension will help avoid the annoyance of visiting fastmail.dm when I intend fastmail.fm. Sure I could use keyword (bookmark), and I do, but sometimes my splelling needs help but "awesome"bar does not spell check afaik.

    Will this play nicely with NoScript and RequestPolicy?

    Will this play nicely with Policy Manager, by Piro, amo:7066?

    Certainly this provides a much more appealing alternative than facing the slow, uphill grind of learning JS for GreaseMonkey :)
  • This is one of the best add-ons on Firefox. Unfortunately, Quieturl does not function when you use Menu Editor: (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/710/)

    When you install Menu Editor, Quieturl will work fine at first, but as soon as you actually use Menu Editor to edit the menu, Quieturl stops catching links. Please, please fix this.
  • Hi,

    Does the add-on remove the HTTP referrer from the HTTP headers when an obfuscated link is clicked? If not, it defeats the purpose of obfuscating the links in the first place!
  • Very excellent add-on. I was searching for an add-on as this for a very very long time. Thanks very much.
  • This a great addon.
  • I have used this extension over the past couple of years and found it to work exactly as designed. Great tool! I have definitely missed it after upgrading to Firefox 3.5 beta. Any chance you could update the extension to become compatible?

  • I have used this extension over the past couple of years and found it to work exactly as designed. Great tool! I have definitely missed it after upgrading to Firefox 3.5 beta. Any chance you could update the extension to become compatible?

  • This is addon is very useful for forums when you need to obfuscate URLs. However, the automatic link generation for URLs in text doesn't work for URLs like this: "example.com". If there's no "http://" in front, it doesn't do anything.

    I thought I can change this behaviour in the options. But there you have to be able to cope with regular expressions. This is nerd stuff, not for average users.

    However, I tried to work my way through a reference for regular expressions (a real torture for me) and wanted to alter the regexp in the options box. I noticed that if you make changes there but then decide to discard your changes and click the Cancel button, the changes are still kept. That's of course a major issue if you happen to hit keys on your keyboard by accident. So better copy and paste the default regexp and save it to a backup text file before altering it.

  • Gute Arbeit
  • A real time saver. One of the smartest extensions I know. Well thought, hyper functional. A true gem.
  • this is very useful. i can now just click at the rapidshare link without having to copy url and paste it innto the address bar
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