Rated 2 out of 5 stars

This is addon is very useful for forums when you need to obfuscate URLs. However, the automatic link generation for URLs in text doesn't work for URLs like this: "example.com". If there's no "http://" in front, it doesn't do anything.

I thought I can change this behaviour in the options. But there you have to be able to cope with regular expressions. This is nerd stuff, not for average users.

However, I tried to work my way through a reference for regular expressions (a real torture for me) and wanted to alter the regexp in the options box. I noticed that if you make changes there but then decide to discard your changes and click the Cancel button, the changes are still kept. That's of course a major issue if you happen to hit keys on your keyboard by accident. So better copy and paste the default regexp and save it to a backup text file before altering it.

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