Feature Request(s) Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I love the addon, almost exactly what I was looking for. What I wanted was to be able to enter a keyboard shortcut to bring up the toolbar I need (in my case the bookmarks bar or the navigation bar), and for it to auto-hide when I was done with it. This works exactly how I wanted it to with bookmarks - I love that the toolbars will autohide when you select a bookmark. I wish it would do the same with the navigation toolbar. In other words, when you select an item in the awesome bar or enter a search term in the search bar, that would also trigger the auto-hiding procedure. Also, it would be nice if the shortcut to bring up the navigation toolbar would also select it. Right now I'm using AutoHotkey to detect if a firefox window is active and send a combination of shortcuts when Alt-D is detected (sending a shortcut to bring up the navigation toolbar, then sending Alt-D a moment later to select it). Had to do another AutoHotkey workaround to get the shortcut Control B working with the bookmarks bar. Not a big deal but it would also be nice if you could over-ride the default shortcuts without having to do a workaround. That seems like a lot of complaints, but I love the addon - thanks for sharing!

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