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There is a bug that makes this unusable for me in the new Firefox 4.0

Whenever I open firefox, the bookmark items on the bookmark toolbar are gone. The toolbar itself is there, and I can hide/unhide the bar at will with the alt hot-keys, but none of the bookmarks themselves appear. The only way to fix it is to hide/unhide the toolbar manually (right click, uncheck and check the bookmarks toolbar ) at which point the bookmarks reappear.

I enjoy the minimalist look that hiding my toolbars allows, and before the update, this addon had served that purpose, but I will have to look for an alternative in the meantime.

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This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

That bug is known. Firefox 4 uses a new way to display the Bookmark toolbar, and I haven't find how to make it works right yet.
I'll try to fix that, but I'm very busy for the moment.