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  • No longer works.. FF does not notify of this. TFB
  • This was my most used extension. Can someone adopt this essential extension and get it working with Firefox 43?

    In the meanwhile, can anyone recommend an extension with similar functionality?

    --- Previous Review:

    One of the hidden gems of Firefox extensions.

    It is nothing short of amazing. You can click on customizable icons within your search bar to perform searches with different search engines.

    You can even drag and drop text right onto an icon to search for that text with the corresponding search engine.

    Five stars.
  • Developer no longer wants to develop it. If he replies and says this is an "unjust" review, what kind of rating am I supposed to give it when it not only doesn't work but makes my search bar disappear all together. It breaks the browser.

    Response to dev:

    >Version 5.6.2 Released August 24, 2015 69.9 kB Works with Firefox 35.0 and later

    That's the information Mozilla has and why it didn't disable the addon when I updated to r43. Nonethess I'll change my review so that people on ESR can easily see what kind of add on it used to be: very functional, very helpful. I regret you've stopped development.

    I hope someone takes you up on your offer. It's a long time before they deprecate XUL and so on. And maybe they'd be interesting in writing it to use future APIs.

    Developer response

    Look, I've set the compatibility to Firefox versions from 35.0 to 42.* It shouldn't even install on Firefox 43.
    It's not made to work on Firefox 43 or newer, so don't try to run it there and then complain that it doesn't work.
    It also makes no sense to keep working on the add-on, because Firefox will stop supporting this kind of add-ons anyway, so maintaining the add-on would only postpone its death.
  • wish he would update it, dunno if its possible with firefox' terrible new search "features"
  • Changing rating because of
    "The add-on doesn't work with Firefox 43.0 and newer. I'm no longer supporting it. "

    Developer response

    It doesn't work with Thunderbird or your toaster either.
  • Долго я искал расширение, позволяющее удобно и быстро вводить поисковые запросы сразу для нужных сайтов (без брожения лишний раз по пунктам). Лучше этого в Firefox не встречал. А вот в Опере есть такое, которое сразу показывает одновременно несколько поисковых окон. Было бы круто, если б такое реализовали и на Firefox
    Thanks. Very usefull. Same variation I see on Opera browser (many search fields at the same time). If you try to do same option - it would be perfect!
  • Thanks to you!
  • Ever since FF changed the way you select search engines I could not see all of them at one time. Plus they got rid of the little icon to know what one you where using. This addon fixed both problems.

    Thanks for a must have addon!
  • Very useful.
  • dont work on FF v.35+
    opened blank page and nothing more.
  • Doesnt work anymore with FF35 :(
  • I'm sorry to bring this up in here, but I couldn't find the appropriate channel. It doesn´t even relate to this add-on, so I ask you to moderate it and forward it to the proper department.

    Problem was I have just installed latest Canary Build from Google and I was baffled to see that it has imported all of my search engines from Firefox WITHOUT my knowledge or PERMISSION.

    One could see this as a Firefox vulnerability, as it has not even prompted me to this intrusion, so I thought I'd better communicate this to developers.
  • Thanks for the addon, it's very useful and helps fix the recent Firefox changes. The only problem I have with it is when I middle-click a button to open a page, it shows the input box and puts the cursor focus on it instead of showing the buttons and allowing the focus to go to the new page.
  • Great and useful addon, I've been using it for a long time. It works perfectly 99% of the time, there have been only small glitches, when it looked like the addon didn't load and the search bar remain at default settings, but this may have been caused by an interference with other addons.
  • The version 5.4 doesn't work with Cyberfox.
  • Great stuff!
  • There's a problem with search bar size with this extension loaded. Whenever i open Firefox, i see that search bar size is changed. Bigger or smaller.
  • This is one of the most useful add-ons I have ever downloaded. I love that I don't have to keep opening different tabs to search for something, and can easily add any search engine.. just what I needed.
  • muito útil e super simples de trabalhar com ele bom trabalho, continua a atualizar , obrigado .
  • Отличное обновление!
    Но не работает на версии 29 :(
    "This add-on places the search engine buttons inside the searchbar instead of the dropdown menu".
    Хорошо что хоть для контекстного есть замена.

    проверил 30бета 31аврора 32ночная :(
    вернулся на 28
  • Great add-on, thank you for this gift.
    I used to select and right click and find all the search engings icons in the right click, but now with the new update I can't do that, please fix it because it saves alot of time.


    Much appreciated and thank you for the response. I already download the other extension.
    I have just one query. Dividing it in two extenations will it increase the loading time for firefox?

    Developer response

    I have removed that feature, because I think it fits better into an add-on of its own - Quick Context Search.
    I'm sorry about that, I should have made it so as soon as I thought of it.
  • Stopped working with the latest update, please hurry in updating, I can no longer live without this add-on. My search bar looks weird, empty and depressing with only one icon.

    Developer response

    It's updated now (version 5.0), but it will be some time before Mozilla reviews it. You can still download from here: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/quicksearch/versions/
  • Ok, I have to edit my review again, because 5.0 version still isn't working properly! The little icons in top right corner are being displayed properly, BUT when I select some text and right click it, there are no icons, only an option to search with currently selected search engine...

    EDIT: I've installed Quick Context Search and now it's working.
  • doesn't work on Firefox 29
  • best add on ever!
    (ok, maybe along with firebug and firephp :)

    but really: that add on is great, it saves me so many clicks per day - I love it!

    thanks so much!