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  • To restart on a MAC, hold FN and shift keys hit enter. Type restart in the box at the bottom of Firefox window, hit enter. Easy.
  • I think this is built into firefox now. Crtl+Alt+R should restart.
  • If you increase the max version in the rdf file it will install and it does still work, functions absolutely fine no problems.

    Firefox 24.0
  • make it work for Mozilla 16!!!
  • Love this add-on!

    Updated it to work with Firefox 15.0
  • There is also this addon restartless restart https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/restartless-restart/reviews/?src=api
  • I agree it works perfectly for FF10 nightlies after doing the version number tweak.
    And I was always on the people's side that say that compatibility checking nonsense is nothing but WINDOW-DRESSING.
    Because it benefits no one; it just creates obstacles you need to bypass by artificial means (i. e. version hacking and friends)

    Mr. Avila would just "update" his extension by raising max version to 10 or 11, and couldn't you do that yourself?
    So you see - I've never seen this compatibility checking stuff being of any practical use. But because of a handful of stubborn conservative developer nerds, it will probably never happen that these checks ever get removed for good.
  • А дополнение всё работает и работает ))),
    как обычно, в install.rdf только версию повыше поставить.
    Firefox 52.5 ESR
  • Tested on FF 10 nightly... works fine. Quick restart; restarts correctly (removes from activity monitor / task manager).
  • 5* for the add-on, 1* for not updating it. Under the following link you can download a "hacked" version, working properly with FF 6.0:
  • Sad that it's incompatible, I found this as a good alternate and it does work with FF 6.0...
  • Love this add-on but please make it work with FF 6. Pretty please :)
  • Needs fixed for FF6
  • Just updated Firefox. I disabled it's extension compatibility check.
    So far, it works normally for Firefox 5.0.1

  • Needs to be compatible with the latest version of firefox!
  • Not line 20 Gombszem, it's line 17. :)
    Change 3.6 to 4.6 and it works fine with FF 4.01
  • Solving for FF4:

    1. Rename the extension xpi > zip
    1. Unzip the renamed file
    2. Open with texteditor: install.rdf
    3. Edit Line 20: 3.6 > 4.0
    4. Save
    5. Zip the complete summary
    6. Rename the extension zip > xpi
    7. Install the extension in FF4
  • Great extension, firefox should include this function.
    It works for FF 6.0a1 after doing the trick.
  • So useful. Just wish it was updated for firefox 4
  • Version tweak works fine. Didn't experience any of the problems another user mentioned.
  • Please update for FF4.
  • Need FireFox 4 compability, please.
  • If you try the trick described below: I got serious trouble resulting in the menu bar being visible but not usable and finally all my toolbars were blank. On top of that some history was missing and a recent addition to my bookmarks. The restart option is not visible in the mini-menu you get when you turn off the menu-bar so you will have to use the keyboard or add the button. Better wait for a true and tested version wich I hope will come soon.
  • If you guys wanted it for v4.0 to the following -> download xpi file (with different browser), then OPEN it (don't extract, just open) with archive extracting software (WinRAR, WinZip, IZArc). There's a file called install.rdf, double click to open it, find line "" and change value from 3.6.* to 4.*.*. Then close the xpi archive file, it will ask for update the archive with updated install.rdf -> click yes
  • good addons if you frequently make changes in firefox that need to restart FF.
    @all questions that say "Please update to never FF please"
    Why you didn't install addons compatibility reporter and you can force use incompatible addons