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  • very useful app, love it!
  • Very helpful
  • This add-on is still working fine!

    How to get an QuickProxy icon back in Firefox:

    Install Classic Theme Restorer add-on. After that you will see the add-on bar.
  • used to work well, but no more button
  • Why can't you just make a customizable button?
  • lost the button on the taskbar - can it be moved to another location since firefox killed that taskbar? Need to be able to switch the proxy quickly.
  • No I can no longer see the icon after the latest update. Please fix!!!
  • Since Mozilla has taken the status bar away with the last upgrade, I have lost my ability to use External IP and QuickProxy as well. Maybe something can be done to make QuickProxy accessible again as it does show up listed on my Add-ons Mananger?
  • Great status-bar!
  • Ref: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Firefox/Australis_add-on_compat

    With Australis, there is no status bar anymore. The add-on may need to be modified to be compatible. I tried to install the add-on on Firefox Nightly (30.01a) and there seems no way to access the add-on buttons in Australis.
  • Отлично!
  • Just do what it's propose to do. Perfect!
  • A really really bad behavior which is like a knife in the back. I was using it for privacy. Firefox crashed i restarted it, Quick proxy was not on anymore so firefox loaded all sites without proxy !!!
    Worst behavior u can imagine...
    The behaviour for how QuickProxy functions on browser launch is controlled via the settings for it. I wouldn't want to change behaviour if I could handle it after a crash, as these options are set to show the user implicitly what will happen when they open the browser, crash or no crash.
  • nothing happens!! the updates are from 2010,
    i ve. made step by step anything what you said but nothing
    waste of time.
  • Just do what it clams to do. 5/5
  • Very Simple and easy to use. My 2 key requests (and perhaps another addon has this covered) are already in the roadmap from the looks of it... that is to support a shortcut key to automatically toggle, and add toolbar icon as I hide the status bar. The third which would be nice is to add the option for "use system proxy settings". Auto Configuration works, but the system settings option would capture any corporate changes to the proxy pushed down. Good Work, look forward to a shortcut key option.
  • I like it, simple and stable!
  • 這真是一個方便的套件,功能單純而方便,正是我一直夢想要的好工具。+1
  • QuickJava addon is more functionally than that: QuickJava have a SilverShild, Java, Javascript, CSS buttons. QuickProxy has only proxy button.
    But if you want easy GUI for proxy management, this addon for you.
  • Good, but if you could change its location on status bar (Addon bar) it will be very better.
  • 這真是一個方便的套件,功能單純而方便,正是我一直夢想要的好工具。
  • Great little add on. Would love if it could appear in the navigation tool bar.
  • Me gusta mucho este plugin, por que es muy sencillo de usar y muy cómodo. click y lo activas, click y lo desactivas. No hay más pero funciona :D
  • Dull round iconset is cool.
  • Great, especially for students. Very smooth way to enable and disable a proxy server. Thanks.