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  • For Years I have used this Ext "Quick notes" The best ever addon for Firefox ..... would pay to have this ext back. Why?????? didn't Firefox update with the best note taker ever........none of the offered ext's rate 1 star....Why??
  • Extrêmement pratique. Permet de prendre de nombreuses notes et de les différencier
  • Love this addon. Hope to see it for quantum.
  • Отличный помощник. Особенно понравилась возможность переноса теста в нужное поле сайта без копирования.
  • Please make this compatible with the latest firefox. This is the best add on for taking notes that I've been using since forrever
  • utilisé depuis des années, simple, commode, pas d'équivalent ! vivement une version compatible !
    Faut-il regretter la nouvelle version de Firefox ?
  • Не сохраняются настройки аддона. Not saved settings addon.
  • I hope it can be compatible with FIREFOX Quantum as soon as possible
  • Plus OK avec Amazone 64 Bts !!!!! Ou sont mes données????
    More OK with Amazon 64 Bts !!!!! Where are my data ???? Unthinkable !!!
    unanswered I leave Mozilla permanently because incorrect !!!!!
  • Please, I can't work without ...
  • Please!Please!Please!Please!Please!Please!Please!Please!Please!Please!Please!Please!Please!Please!Please!Please!update this extension !! I need it for work!
    Proszę, proszę! Proszę! Proszę! Proszę! Proszę! Proszę! Proszę! Proszę! Proszę! Proszę! Proszę! Proszę! Proszę! Zaktualizuj to rozszerzenie !! Potrzebuję go do pracy!
  • NoteQUICK!

    I beg you please, bring out compatible version for ff 57. Other note addons are pure cancer.
    Can't work under these conditions!
  • 方便,高效。必不可少
  • Extension simple d'utilisation ,très complète,Svp sera t'elle bientôt compatible avec firefox 57? Elle manque,merci
  • I found another extension what work with firefox 57 with very same function, it is BlockNote.
  • very useful app
  • 57, keep it, I done want move to oneNote
  • 57 PLEASE :) I need this add on.....
  • 57 pls!
  • Merci pour cette extension, Je suis impatient de la retrouver fonctionnelle pour Firefox 57
  • an excellent addon been using it for years
    working great on FF 56 writing this review to ask for an webext update so I can keep the addon when FF 57 comes out
  • в 55.03 не работает...
  • I've been using this extension for years. Hands down the best note extension out there. Its so simple, great customization and useful. Notes are on the sidebar of the window you are using. Not floating around or on another tab. Right where you want and need it. What more can you ask for?!?!?
  • This is a fantastic add-on which I have installed in SeaMonkey and Pale Moon as well as Firefox.

    Pale Moon will continue to support "legacy" (XUL) add-ons indefinitely, so I would like to encourage you to add Pale Moon support officially. I notice that it is breaking in newer versions of Firefox, but it is wonderful and still going in Pale Moon. You could even list it at the Pale Moons Add-ons Site.
  • floating window is not working after firefox 55.0.2 update