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  • Best bookmarking addon ever!

    This addon speeds up the process of bookmarking tremendously. The description says it all. It's fast, it's intuitive and even has extra features like the ability to create a folder with Shift + Enter or to use the deafault bookmark method if you've alredy bookmarked the site, so you are able to check where you've put the bookmark.

    This together with the Flat Bookmark addon revolutionized the way I bookmark on Firefox. Plus, bookmarking it's something that Chrome does realy badly, so this addon keeps me even more faithfull to Firefox as it is and it have always been my favorite browser.

    Even better, in less than a week the develper implemented a feature I requested in the Support & Feedback Forum provided in the description. It's realy good to see an addon being so well maintained.

    I'm forever grateful for this amazing addon!

  • Excellent, does the job perfectly and makes bookmarking loads easier.

    Thank you : )

  • easy and efficient, this is exactly what I expected initially when I saw the bookmarkstar the first time !

    This should be standard !

  • This really is a fantastic addon. Adding bookmarks with this is super easy and it looks great too.

  • Perfection! Much better than default FF click through process.

  • Makes organizing bookmarks much easier than the original Firefox bookmark dialog. I also like the fact that it uses keyboard shortcuts - makes it even faster!

  • A really useful feature which i will be using several times a day.
    I'm already using it on my Macbook and Windows PC and i can't imagine my browser without it! Marvelous!

  • Awesome! And it's restartless to boot! This is nice. You just right-click on the star (or with the Qute 4 theme, it's a heart) and then click on the folder to stick the bookmark in it! It is easy and intuitive - Just right! Thank you very much.

  • Another feature that should be included in firefox by default. Good job!

  • Pourquoi faire compliqué quand on peut faire si simple . Merci d'avoir rendu les marques pages aussi faciles .

  • very good addonit make bookmarking faster and smooth
    but bookmark toolbar dont show in folder-tree
    some suggestion
    if you can just make bookmark toolbar expandable or just make it like bookmark menu
    i have folder on it
    add ability to create folder