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61 reviews for this add-on
  • everyone should bookmark that link

  • This is a must-have for bookmarkers. And should be default in FF!

  • How can I change the default shortcut, clashes with copy down in Google sheets?

    Developer response

    Sorry, you can't change the shortcut.

  • Indeed a time saver! Like how this addon can make deleting bookmarks a breeze. The original is really a pain.

  • Much better than bookmarking in the original (to small) dialogbox.
    It looks good, works without issues, size is oke.
    A real timesaver.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Once I spent just a tiny bit of time reading the graphic pictures of the use of this add-on, I was astounded at the possibilities! Very well made, and once understood (and that wasn't hard), it's intuitive and amazingly helpful!

  • Simple but awesome !

  • A much more direct way of adding ones bookmarks in the right folder.

    Every little helps.

    Bedankt for this nifty add-on.

  • This man deserves a medal of honor, here, have back the 5/5.

  • Until I found out about this addon, all I did was bookmarking 100+ sites per day and sorting them out from "unsorted bookmarks"

    This addon was love at first glance.

    It un-cluttered my life and made firefox bookmarking a whole better.

    This is one of the addons I really wish mozilla could hard-code into firefox.

    HUGE thanks to the developer.

  • 「ブックマーク」機能の使い勝手が、劇的に向上します。
    シンプル&直感的に単純化され、簡単で、効率的で、etc が実現できます。 美点ばかりの素晴らしい作品です。ぜひ、お薦めします。

  • I was looking forward for the new version, thank you very much!

  • Simple, but really useful. It just works!

  • thanx

  • This extension adds -real- functionality to FF. Bookmarking was difficult because the navigation windows to the appropriate bookmark folder was small and cumbersome. Now it possible to navigate with ease and edit the bookmark on the fly. Much needed. Thanks a lot.

  • Awesome. Previously I had to double click on bookmark icon, first to bookmark and then to edit it. This add-on makes organizing bookmarks fast and easy.

    The only negative I noticed is that it does not work well with "The Fox, Only Better" add-on.
    You can bookmark but cannot use arrow keys to navigate and shift+enter to create new folder.

    I would love to see the option of settings tags too, besides folder, when I press Cmd+D. I rely on tags more than folders to organize my bookmarks. If there is a field in the popup to set tags too it would be very helpful.


    I figure Cmd+Enter or Ctrl+Enter is good enough to add and edit tags when creating a bookmark.

    Developer response

    Hey Talha,

    Thanks for the review. I left a reply in the support thread.

  • This was what was missing when the latest Firefox upgrade took effect.. It has been very cumbersome when clicking the bookmark star icon to have all new bookmarks go into the unsorted folder, as I then I had to take the extra step to click the bookmark list icon, open the unsorted folder, and then drag the the bookmark into the folder or subfolder where I actually wanted it to be. With this add-on, I can choose the folder or subfolder immediately after I clicking on the bookmark star icon.

    Developer response

    Hey Jim,

    Thanks for the feedback.
    I added a little paragraph to the description, which I hope will clear things up.

  • I've spent months looking for a bookmark hotkey. This should make bookmarking much more expedient.

  • Convenient and useful.

  • Great addon!

  • I've literally been looking for something like this for years. I've got hundreds upon hundreds of bookmarks organized into countless folders, all set up to keep everything organized.

    This add-on has streamlined the previously-arduous process of clicking through numerous nested folders to find the one I want to put my bookmark in. It even allows me to create folders from within the bookmark menu! It is almost everything I could ask for from a bookmark add-on!

    The only other thing I could ask for is for the Unsorted Bookmarks to be added to the bookmark menu it adds.

    This addon has already saved me hours of wasted time, and will continue to do so. It accomplishes its purpose beautifully and efficiently. Thus, I give this five stars, and would give more if the rating system allowed for it!

  • Very convenient! Thank you so much!

  • Its simple, it works, its great.

  • I do a lot of Internet research reviewing and returning to specific web pages under changing topics - often bookmarking 20 out of 200 pages.

    I've gotten so tired of the normal process of getting to the bookmark dialog. Thank you so much for this simple, elegant and quick bookmarking tool.

    If I could give more than 5 stars, you'd get them all!

    Developer response

    Thanks, I appreciate the context.

  • Hello,
    I love the feature " to use the default bookmark method if you've alredy bookmarked the site, so you are able to check where you've put the bookmark." Very useful. Thank you