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.QuickJava_StatusIcon_Container[status="-1"] /* from: .quickjava-button[status="-1"] */
{display: none;}

You were hiding only label element but it was in a container (statusbarpanel) which had a tooltip and some extra spaces. What is interesting, container status is being set properly so this simple change fixes this issue.

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Re: Scope/Feature Explination Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Thanks for clarification, it changes a lot. IMHO you should put that in description for others.
Now I wonder if hiding icons is supposed to hide them completely or change to spaces? (using Status-4-Evar)
Is this a bug or feature?
Adding icons manually would solve the problem but original bar is not removable and it doubles the icons then.

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Status 4 Evar has caused some funny behavior visually, but I think this is a problem with the actual CSS in QuickJava, I may not be adding/removing it properly but I just don't have the time to really dig into such a minor visual bug, sorry. You could hide all of the icons in the status bar and manually add the ones you want. There would still be some space from the hidden icons but all of the icons you add would be equally spaced (and in whatever order you want them in).

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Flash blocking should work like in Flashblock.
Proxy should be changed to manual, not system (or be configurable).
It could be a nice all in one addon, but for now it looks like in it's early stage so I'll stick to Flashblock, QuickProxy and hope this one will evolve...

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Scope/Feature Explination

Flashblock functionality is outside the scope of the project, if you want that functionality then use flashblock. If you want that program to have an easy on-off then submit a feature request to that team. Regarding Proxy, it sets to whatever the last "On" value was when you turned it off via QJ, but it is off when you turn it on in QuickJava (off on first install or you change it outside of QuickJava) then it doesn't know the last value and defaults to System. If you turn your proxy on, one time, to the settings you want and use QuickJava to enable/disable it you will get the functionality you're looking for.