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  • Parfait et très complet de plus j'ai gagné en rapidité en navigation sur Firefox que demander de plus j'aime.
  • Very helpful. You can disable particular plugins like flash, java, silver light, javascript, css, image etc
  • Useful add-on.

    Please add an option to prevent the whole add-on from showing up in the add-on bar.

    I like to customize the placement and order of the individual buttons in my add-on bar, so I have dragged each one of the buttons to my add-on bar.

    But when I then try to hide each of the buttons that appear in the add-on block, it leaves a very large space.
    When the new version is reviewed and released by the Mozilla team you should be able to "Hide" all of the status bar icons and they will not take up any space.
  • I find it simple, easy to use, and indispensable. Being able to disable Flash and Javascript instantly for a problem website is especially useful. I've never had any problems using it, and would recommend it as an essential FF Add-on.
  • Well, It is useless to turn of a switch (button) in StatusBar, even all, if there stays a useless grid consuming space.
    Do not need such a side effect since all buttons are available to customize bars - exactly the way I expect a usage.
    If you haven't already updated to 2.0 check it out, the spacing issues are fixed now. :)
  • QJ is an excellent add-on that does what it says it does :D
    With some usage it eventually allows to save memory (and freezes) on broken Javascript/whatever pages.
    Now I totally agree with joebt suggestion (on September 1, 2012): QJ would gain a lot of usability when it allows for SMALLER icons. Try it on a small device / window and you know what i mean if you have just a few other add-ons icons: you can't see them all as soon as QJ is activated (or has to reduce it to, e.g. javascript and Flash, loosing the others)
  • Once you have it correctly configured in Firefox, this is an excellent program, far easier to use than NoScript. You have tiny icons that sit in the tab bar. Keep everything disabled until a web page demands JS or Flash, and then temporarily enable it. A big thank-you to the developer.
  • Thanks Doug. I do appreciate the addon & fully agree you can't please everyone.
    BUT... as for overall icon size, I'm not sure where your ruler came from vs mine.
    I looked at values in quickjava.css, but proof is in the pudding. I can easily measure w/ decent metric ruler that width of QJ icons (not incl. space between them) is considerably wider than MOST other addons.

    I have no idea why one would want / need ~ 2 mm between ea. QJ button. Even separate addon icons are only ~ 1 mm apart. QJ icons are ~ 2 mm apart. How can (rational) users complain if each QJ icon is same distance apart as other icons? None of that argument makes sense.

    In fact, most addons don't try to display the whole menu / options all the time. There're potentially NINE icons - for ONE addon. You could easily have one icon w/ "QJ" on it & when HOVER mouse, display rest of buttons. If don't like that, the letters on each button are larger than most ANY addon icon I've ever seen.

    Icon letters could easily be ~ 30% smaller & be fine, esp. if text color is on darker / more contrasting background - if you're worried about users not being able to read them. Dark blue vs the pale blue; bright red (like ABP or Change Referrer Button) vs current more muted red.

    I'm almost 60, wear glasses & have no problem reading the letters on AdBlock Plus icon. Plus, unless have NO memory, just learn where / what things are. (Developers can't cater to users w/ no memory). If trying to satisfy needs of limited eyesight users, maybe need choice of icon sets - w/ one BIG set.

    QJ icon width, incl. thin border, are well > 4.5 mm (CLOSE to 5).
    A few other addons' icon widths:
    Change referrer button: 3.5 mm
    Ghostery (w/o counter) < 3 mm
    Cookie Monster 3.8 mm (max)
    AdBlock Plus ~ 3.3 mm
    NoScript < 4 mm

    Don't know what type screen you have or how you compare ACTUAL size of icons, but on my screen, larger QJ icons are EASY to measure & see the difference vs other addons. They're not even close to several other addons' icon sizes.
  • /content/skin/classic/quickjava/quickjava.css:
    .QuickJava_StatusIcon_Container[status="-1"] /* from: .quickjava-button[status="-1"] */
    {display: none;}

    You were hiding only label element but it was in a container (statusbarpanel) which had a tooltip and some extra spaces. What is interesting, container status is being set properly so this simple change fixes this issue.
  • Hello,

    do i save bandwidth with this extensions? I mean, when i use my smartphone i dont want to load all images, flash and videos to save bandwidth. Is this possible or are they loaded and only not shown?

    Then i would like to disable youtube videos. But they arent flash, but instead html5 or so. A button for this would be nice. At the moment i only can disable js and the video is gone. But disabling js isnt a good solution because js can be used for menus and other things too that are important.

    Can it be done that this extension manually reloads single images? I mean that would save more bandwidth when i dont need to enable loading of all images.

    And it would be nice to have the option to show images or videos that are in cache anyway. I mean when they wouldnt need to be loaded it doesnt cost bandwidth and they could be shown.

    Maybe a namechange for the extension would be good too. Because no one wants to toggle java, but instead this extension is able of doing way more.

  • With the recent flash updates going downhill, this addon is essential. The reload page on change option works fine. Keep up with the simplicity:)
  • howdy y'all,

    a very handy, nicely focused extension that i use nearly every day. it aint perfect, but it is very light and very easy to use.

    take care,
  • Have been using QuickJava for a while. Great extension. Would be nice if we are allowed to move the icons around or select the colour easily.

    For my own purpose, I move the Proxy button to the left most position, changed the colour to brighter Green and Red, and reducing the spacing by 1 px.
    Use the "Customize" and put them in whatever order you want (even on the Add-on bar, just use the options to hide all of the existing icons). Most people don't use the Proxy so by default it went to the furthest location. Green was not used because for colorblind people (including myself) they are too hard to differentiate. If you want to code for custom colors please feel free to do so and send me the code and I'll include it. See the support website for more info on that. Thanks for your input.
  • Version 1.7.9 "new-look" buttons are too large, add-on bar became wide (a bit, but at 9" netbook thats a lot). All other plugins have smaller icons. Rolled back to 1.7.5.
    I use Firefox ESR 10.0.5 (latest).
  • please refer to the image:
    can you align the icons to the middle position like others?
    I still like the old icon set better than the new one.
  • ***Updated button spacing and dynamic widths*** [version 1.7.9]
    I use this plugin all the time. i disable java,flash,silverlight to browse and when javascript gets in my way i disable it too. its awesome. love it. most used plugin ever.
    If you want to change the buttons to be a little more slimmer like version 1.7.5 use these settings in the quickjava.css...
    /*width: 20px;*/ /*disables fixed button width*/
    min-width: 15px;/*added to make min button width*/
    padding: 1px 3px;/*1px; updated padding around text in button*/
    margin: 1px 0;/*3px; updated removes extra space around buttons*/
  • One of the best add-ons available for Firefox, though the new icons stink. I prefered the red and blue colours.

    I notice that the icon issue has been fixed in an update that is pending review, I think I will try to get it.
  • I like QuickJava a lot for years. But the new Icons in the Addonsbar are awesome.
    Please compare with other typical Icons on my screenshot:
    Quickjava ist now bigger/thicker. :-( not very good in my eyes
    This has been fixed in 1.7.9 (as well as a Cookie bug) which is pending review. New versions can be installed from the version page before the review is done if you want it sooner:
  • Doug G Sir you have done awesome job within just one week. Its more than expectation that we can see this addon in such RA (Rich application) phase.
  • I use it since 2010, and all this time I have no problems with it!
    Grat thanx to developers for this addon!
  • Thanks for all your hard work. I enjoy having the power to disable these security risks with the push of a few buttons.
  • This is a must have plugin for anyone concerned about security. Of the last three viruses I received, all were delivered via Java.
  • This is a useful add-on, but would be made much more complete with the addition of options to disable html5's video and audio elements (e.g. webm videos).
  • Though I have only used QuickJava for a few hours, I like the ease of use.

    Most everything on my book marks is "whitelisted" anyways but being able to easily block certain aspects of a website is very nice.

    I would, however, like to see a option that allows for the use of Javascript for just that site while blocking other, non-functional stuff instead of it being an "all or nothing deal."

    Anyways..nice add-on and I look forward to any tweaks that may come in the future.
  • This extension is really slick and is a no-brainer to use. Hmm...a neat addition would be pop-ups when hovering over each icon which displayed the URLs of each object type as well as the ability to view the source files. Then I could get rid of the JSView extension which I also use, but JSView only handles viewing of Javascript and stylesheet source files.