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  • Don't use this product unless you're an expert on configuring it. It made my OM New Tab extension go blank and I could not fix it back the right way. I had to remove this extension and do system restore just to get it back to normal.
  • ...Почему не могу установить?...
  • Works great in Basilisk 2018.02.02
    Thanks for such a useful tool.
  • QuickJava does what it claims to do and does it well. I am a programmer and have been using QuickJava since it was a crude 2 button add on. Over the years, it has become very polished and works extremely well. In addition to uBlock Origin and Decentraleyes, QuickJava assist in protecting user Privacy & Security. First and foremost, you should configure QuickJava to disable Flash, Java, & Silverlight upon browser startup. Then, never touch them thereafter if Privacy & Security matter to you. If additional Privacy & Security are desired, you can configure QuickJava to disable Javascript upon browser startup; which I do. Any site that requires Javascript and is not that important to me, I just do not visit those sites. It is rare I run Javascript but most of the web works well. If you use facebook, ebay, twitter, etc... You'll need to enable Javascript for those 'social' sites. PS: I am staying with Firefox 56.x because many excellent addons such as QuickJava will not work with Firefox 57 onward.
  • Please update to FF57
  • Super Sache. Mit diesem Add-on hat man immer die Übersicht, was gerade aktiviert ist und kann es jederzeit mit nur einem Mausklick aktivieren oder deaktivieren. Besonders praktisch zusammen mit The Addon Bar (Restored)
  • the best toggle addon.
    hope there wii be a webextension version..
  • Overall the best and lighter addon for Firefox I've ever had.

    Unfortunately Mozilla is on a bad path: developers have no more access to important features like, e.g., the option to turn on/off javascript, that is THE MOST important feature to browse at top security, nothing compare with that (turning it on only when extremely necessary).

    I can't find a replacement for FF 57+, so I've installed a bunch of separate addons to BADLY mimic what QuickJava was doing great.

    I hope Mozilla will rethink about it, giving developers a way to access such options again, or I think I'm going to change browser.
  • Thank you for this extremely helpful add-on, which I have used for years - the ability to toggle Flash, Javascript and Java at will has made my browsing more efficient and I'll be sorry to see it go due to Mozilla's decision to imitate Chrome.
  • very good
  • I can't upgrade my FF to 57 without QuickJava.
  • Thank you. I have used it to turn on/off JavaScript ever since I discovered it. It's been very useful to me.
    Your work has been appreciated.
  • please release WE version
  • Very useful and easy to use, I prefer this addon to NoScript. However Firefox 55 lists this addon as "legacy". Please convert it to WebExtensions!
  • It should be a default feature in Firefox.
    Thank you.
  • This add-on saves space on my crowded toolbar.
    But it would be even better if it also can turn on/off cache. I believe it is the browser.cache.(disk|memory).enable preference in about:config.
  • Quickjava has been working perfectly until this week when I installed it to another WinXP computer. Now on both Palemoon (26.0.1 Atom/XP) and Firefox 25, also on Firefox 51, it's defaulted to all icons red when I start up either browser, and the J and SL icons cannot be changed, they can't be disabled (changed to blue)...they are unresponsive. The other icons are responsive, although I don't like them defaulting to red at startup.
    If the author would like to help me, please give me an actual email or contact address. I've tried the support site and cannot spot a "contact me" link anywhere, and it's very obtuse and hard to understand the explanations of the workings of this great add-on.
    I appreciate the review, however it will be removed because it's against the review rules. You can comment on any of the posts on the support site, or open an issue ticket on GitHub which is linked to on the support site. Palemoon isn't supported, and Firefox 25 is very old and hasn't been supported for over 3 years. You can try an older version of QJ ( or older) from here:
  • My most useful addon. For example, when you visit a site I can quickly and easily turn off JavaScript and Java, which makes it more secure way to view. It is simple, understandable, directly. Simply super!
  • - its simple but effective!
    - easy way to toggle FLASH, JavaScript, etc. on/off.
    - for me the most comprehensive way to block those eye-hurting animated GIFs.
  • A must have addon. Thanks for your work.
  • your must not using tor, your can use this
  • This is great addons, but how to block video only ?
    That functionality is not supported by this add-on. There are some steps you can take to try to disable HTML5 content, when combined with turning off Flash should stop videos but may also disable other features.

    A quick google search gave me this link, hope it helps:
  • After disable JS on the site, and remove plugin, js still disable. Grade work!
    QuickJava does not change any of the settings without a direct user interaction (or advanced settings being set for specific scenarios). If QJ were to Enable or Disable any of the settings without the user causing that specific action I would consider it a security risk.

    It's also worth noting that all of the settings modified by QJ are just FF settings, which other addons may also have access to, so QJ is just a quick way of getting to these settings, it's not removing functionality from the browser. (The FF developers did that on their own when they removed the JS on/off option from the settings page).
  • Very light , easy to use and important add-on .
    Just check what you need : Java Script , Java or flash or nothing depends sites . One of the 10 best Firefox privacy add on.