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Thanks Doug. I do appreciate the addon & fully agree you can't please everyone.
BUT... as for overall icon size, I'm not sure where your ruler came from vs mine.
I looked at values in quickjava.css, but proof is in the pudding. I can easily measure w/ decent metric ruler that width of QJ icons (not incl. space between them) is considerably wider than MOST other addons.

I have no idea why one would want / need ~ 2 mm between ea. QJ button. Even separate addon icons are only ~ 1 mm apart. QJ icons are ~ 2 mm apart. How can (rational) users complain if each QJ icon is same distance apart as other icons? None of that argument makes sense.

In fact, most addons don't try to display the whole menu / options all the time. There're potentially NINE icons - for ONE addon. You could easily have one icon w/ "QJ" on it & when HOVER mouse, display rest of buttons. If don't like that, the letters on each button are larger than most ANY addon icon I've ever seen.

Icon letters could easily be ~ 30% smaller & be fine, esp. if text color is on darker / more contrasting background - if you're worried about users not being able to read them. Dark blue vs the pale blue; bright red (like ABP or Change Referrer Button) vs current more muted red.

I'm almost 60, wear glasses & have no problem reading the letters on AdBlock Plus icon. Plus, unless have NO memory, just learn where / what things are. (Developers can't cater to users w/ no memory). If trying to satisfy needs of limited eyesight users, maybe need choice of icon sets - w/ one BIG set.

QJ icon width, incl. thin border, are well > 4.5 mm (CLOSE to 5).
A few other addons' icon widths:
Change referrer button: 3.5 mm
Ghostery (w/o counter) < 3 mm
Cookie Monster 3.8 mm (max)
AdBlock Plus ~ 3.3 mm
NoScript < 4 mm

Don't know what type screen you have or how you compare ACTUAL size of icons, but on my screen, larger QJ icons are EASY to measure & see the difference vs other addons. They're not even close to several other addons' icon sizes.

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