Works, but Addon bar icons still too large Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Used it a long time & seems to work; not noticed any conflicts, even w/ NoScript (I don't use DOZENS of addons).

ICON SIZE / SPACING: Too tall, wide & too much space between. For version 1.8.0, icons in addon bar are STILL larger than almost any other addons'.
I suppose like another reviewer, I could modify their size, but why are they so big? There's LOTS of extra space above & to sides of the 1 or 2 letters on icons, & much unnecessary space BETWEEN QJ icons.

I have several icons hidden, but still, if there was only a SLIGHT space between QJ icons, would be fine - instead of SPACING that's about 42% as wide as the icons THEMSELVES.

The icons are all for ONE addon. Users know / would get used to that fact they're for one addon & icons can be closer together. Spacing between QJ's own icons is as much - or MORE - than between icons of separate addons. Spacing between many separate addons' icons may be barely 1mm; spacing between each QJ's icon is nearly 2mm.

I'm not color blind, but blue doesn't mean "Go / ON" to me (though overall icon size & spacing is bigger issue to me than blue color). IF... wanted to make "ON" icons green, or.... - could put a diagonal slash line across disabled icons. I assume color blind users can read a black or white letter on a green background? If doesn't have slash, it's "ON."

Or just have option to select icon color sets.

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I think the addon icons are about the same size (minus the spacing) as other icons but since they are filled in fully they have a slightly heavier weight. There is quite a bit of spacing, but I get complaints when there is not, also I used to do the slash to indicate disabled but nobody liked that. Unfortunately you can't please everybody and this is a pretty small project so it is what it is for now, sorry.

As far as blue/green goes, I am colorblind and it is absolutely ridiculous for ANY developer to use red/green when visually pleasing high contrast colors are available. So many companies and individuals use red/green while almost 7% of the male population can't tell the difference. Considering that for this extension that calculates to about 10,000 +/- users for this extension (very high percentage of male users), that's a pretty big number.

If you would like to write in the options for changing the colors/spacing then I will be glad to evaluate your work and potentially incorporate it into the existing code. Please use the contact information found on the extension's home page.