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Feature requests :
1. A whitelist option where all sites are blocked except those listed, one list for each block type. Then you get 5 stars =)

2. Different options for different tabs. So I can have Java blocked in one tab, but not another.

EDIT: I was actually hoping to replace NoScript with this, as I find your interface and implementation much more attractive. I suppose I'll just be stuck using both, and your reasoning is sound. My apologies for causing offense.

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Out of Scope

Sorry but both of those feature requests are clearly outside of the scope of this project and will not happen. For your first feature request I recommend you use NoScript. For your second, I view it as a security risk for most users and is better accomplished with either awareness and QuickJava or NoScript.

Also, attempting to motivate/bribe a developer with reviews is not motivating, rather the opposite. Developers put a lot of hard work and energy into these projects and to "hold a carrot" in front of their noses in the form of review starts for a feature request is degrading.