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  • Wonderful add-on! The only thing I miss: export and import notes as a normal text file.

    Hope to see this feature in coming version.

  • It's almost perfect. Only thing missing is the ability to mount in sidebar.

  • Just great! The thing, I've looked for! Thanks.

    Paradiso: use url "chrome://qfnotes/content/editor.xul" to make a bookmark, which will open editor in tab.
    Urbane.Tiger: Same trick actually gives an opportunity to open it in a side bar... I'm not using it, though...

    The only complain is that this yellow icon is somehow annoying.. too bright or something... I had to tweak it, and now it's just perfect :)

  • Many thanks for this extension, great quality work (as your other extensions too btw). I use QuickFox on a daily base and i think its much better than QN, less bloated and more reliable/stable. I still havent figured how to force open a note (from bookmarks) in a FF tab though, even with Tab Mix latest dev. The Editor opens his notes always in his own seperate window.
    Keep up the good work.

  • No Option to park it in the side bar - QN can
    If note has url's they are not hot - nor are they in QN
    If its going to be a free floating window, with no option to park in the sidebar, then a stay on top button is almost mandatory, not an issue in QN
    Re previous comment about colors, QFN "adopts" the Theme color which in my opinion is correct (in my case thats black). The previous comment about it being anemic indicates the users theme is anemic. QN is not necessarily Post-It yellow, the color on each tab can be changed (hint hint)
    If I could park it in the sidebar and urls were hot then I'd consider switching from QN to this one if .
    The name was changed, to FastNotes or FoxNotes, IMO using QuickFox Notes is close to a breach of trademark - at least from an ethical perspective if not a legal one.

  • Brilliant xmarks integration.
    Great work.

  • Using it toghether with XMarks to have my notes in tabs "office" "home" synced on my office PC / Laptop / home PC.

    Great! 5 Stars!

  • Many thanks for a very useful application. I installed this having become dependent on Quicknote but now feeling restricted by the latter's limitation to 4 tabs. I like the flexibility and the integration with Xmarks will be very useful. I hope it will develop well. I'd like to see greater flexibility in the save options (similar to QuickNote so you could automatically have a copy stored on another local drive) and a choice of background (currently rather anaemic - I prefer QuickNote's "Post-It" style yellow).

  • I love it! It's way better than Foxnotes used to be.

    I give it 5 stars.