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  • Really now? Eww....

    Developer response

    I outline The reasons here:

    The "free Program" (thunderbird) actually has full time developers and they are paid via donations as well (check the landing page) - you seem to believe all that work does itself, without contributing any of your precious time for making stuff better.

    There are years of development & support in this Add-on, feel free not to use it. It's 100% open source, I challenge you to create something equally useful.

    The alternative are the many, many Thunderbird Add-ons that will stop working when version 60 lands in June, because developers lost interest and walked away.

    Feel free fixing those yourself or find somebody to do it for nothing :)

  • Adds all the folder functionality you want from Thunderbird - indispensible.

  • Cela fait des années que j'utilise cet outil de mails, et ce module est indispensable pour un classement simple et rapide des flux quotidien de mails que je reçois ! BRAVO !

  • This is really a very useful addon. Unfortunately, it does not work anymore with Thunderbird 57.0b1. I had to start Thunderbird in safe-mode and deactivate it.

    Developer response

    Please check here:

    It's complicated but there are some explanations and a working test version available there.

  • Incredible how easy sorting and archiving is with this tool. It safes time and nerves - especially if main working area is connected to emails and you receive a jungle of emails to sort through everyday - and I'm not talking of Spam! I bought the Pro and it's worth every cent!

  • I loved the folder turning into Tabs!! Awesome Feature!!!!! I wanna happily donate you $20 for your work.. But I am struggling right now. I promise you I will donate you much more in a year or two! Thank You..!!

  • One of the best addon to have in Thunderbird !

    I've searched for years how to improve Thunderbird and his awkward tabs functionality. I found nothing, and had to deal with the left sidepanel and my twelve accounts spaming litteraly my screen.

    just today, I came here (again for the thousandth time) to take a look at something new, and... oh god ! I found the graal.

    This is just what I always wanted for. It's perfect. there is tons of options, it's a TRUE extension made by professionals.

    I managed to simplify Thunderbird like if it was a totally new program, by cleaning the general toolbar and moving it near the menu bar, unchecking the "Mail toolbar" to let the Quickfolder toolbar display correctly, and hidding the left sidepanel. And I even managed to shorten the Quickfolder toolbar by unchecking some stuffs in the options, letting me stack many tabs for all my accounts without reaching the right side of my screen.

    Sincerely, it's an amazing work. I'm stunned. BRAVO ! And THANK YOU !

    Developer response

    .. if you care about your _main_ menu styling also check out my "menu on top" addon. It also has some mini bookmark option so you can actually add important emails / tabs (just like the QuickFolders reading list, but that one does only do emails)

  • I've been using this add-on for several years now and find it extremely useful for keeping my email organized. I'm a heavy user of filters, folders, and sub-folders and having color coded tabs for my most used groups of email is essential. And it keeps working consistently, release after release.

  • I missed this so much, I reverted to TB45

    Developer response

    ... there is already a bug fixed beta version here:
    I recommend waiting for the official release of QuickFolders 4.6 - we are just in the process of moving the web site, and will release once that's complete!

  • Really like QuickFolders. Hugely improves Postbox functionality.

    Some issues with Postbox 5 but instant response from the developer and new beta version works fine.

    No problems with Pro license, works perfectly, though not too keen on subscription model for license

  • QuickFolders Free & Pro rate PLUS 5-Stars!

    The only major shortcoming of Thunderbird and PostBox is the inability to easily organize and manage a large collection of folders. That's where QuickFolders comes into play.

    QuickFolders offers a easy, quick, and sensible way to organize and manage folders. It is a lightweight, unobtrusive, and stable extension. Also, it comes with other several useful features. Additionally, the Developer quickly answers all support requests and goes the extra distance to deliver great customer service.

    The FREE version is adequate. But the extra features in the Pro version are well worth the small cost of $15. Plus, that $15 helps to keep the developer in business and updating QuickFolders. I urge all to buy the Pro version.

    THERE IS ONE SMALL CATCH WITH THE PRO VERSION'S LICENSE for those who use multiple email clients on the same PC...but there is an easy fix. I will explain.

    The Pro license is 'assigned' to one specific email address...which is the email used when purchasing the license. That licensing method can cause an issue when using multiple email clients. Here's how.

    The QuickFolders extension works in both Thunderbird and PostBox. (Postbox is Thunderbird optimized for Gmail.) BUT the Pro License will register to only one of the two email clients. Thus, a second Pro license is required to get Pro to work in both email clients.

    (I use Thunderbird strictly for my Microsoft email accounts. Then I use PostBox for my gmail accounts.)

    I BOUGHT THE PRO LICENSE UNDER MY GMAIL ADDRESS. Therefore, I can only use the Pro License in an email client 'hosting' that gmail address, which is PostBox. CONSEQUENTLY, I can NOT use the Pro License in Thunderbird (because I don't do gmail in Thunderbird).

    The Pro Licensing System requires buying multiple Pro licenses when using different email clients installed on the SAME PC. But there is an easy fix.

    If you find yourself in the predicament described above, email the developer Axel Grude and tell him. Then the Developer will fix things so that the purchase of one Pro license will register QuickFolders Pro in all email clients on the same PC.


    Developer response

    "BUT the Pro License will register to only one of the two email clients"

    you're misinformed. The pro license is registered to one specific email address, but this can absolutely be used on multiple / different Thunderbird / Postbox / SeaMonkey installations, both on the same and separate machines. The email address is the key, not the number of installations. If you think you experience something else, I will need to debug the problem because as I describe is the way I have designed it. I will not rule out that you may have found a bug although I doubt it at this stage.

    you can used it on many installations, you just need one common email address to verify your license, but you can have 10 or more additional email addresses.

    If you want to use 2 different mail addresses on 2 separate accounts (and not share the same key), then please get in touch and I can give you a free license for your second use. I just need to know the second address.

    It is just technically very difficult to "spy" different installations on the same system (on 3 different operating systems, Windows/Linux/Apple this would be several weeks of work and may prove unreliable) and email addresses are much easier to verify as unique. I have no problem in providing a second free license, just get in touch instead of doing a review because I cannot help you that way. There is a link on the options dialog to get in touch.

    I am still working with the customer to resolve this situation - I believe there is a mismatch between email addresses. E.g. old gmail.com addresses used to end with googlemail.com which may be one possible explanation for the problem.

  • I was totally missing the favorite folder feature in thunderbird and got it with this addon ! But got so much unexpected productivity enhancement, only by the little toolbard allowing me to mark as read a full thread at once ! This is like a huge stuff :) thank you guys, nice work !

  • How can one easily sort tab favorites alphabetically? I know you can move each favorite up/down, but if you have a lot of them..
    Anyhow, if there is a way, I'll gladly pay for the pro version.

    Developer response

    you can drag tabs left <==> right directly on the toolbar. (No up / down necessary, that's an old dialog I really should remove)

    another way to do this: you can delete them and add multiple items from the folder tree (which is sorted alphabetically) by highlighting them with SHIFT or CTRL. Also note that support (and requests for new features) is available here:


  • QuickFolders is my #1 ESSENTIAL Add-On for Thunderbird.

    Its PROS are numerous. Read the list of features. They work better than advertised!

    The CONS are NONE!

    SUPPORT: The Developer Axel Grude bends over backwards to help customers with issues. He replies to support requests very quickly.

    NOTE: The extra features of the PRO version totally rock! Absolutely worth the $15 price tag for Pro.

    VERDICT: I wish all Add-Ons and their developers were as awesome as QuickFolders and Axel.

  • firefox has this blocked as malware. I really wanted to use it!

    Developer response

    This is a thunderbird addon. If you want to download from Firefox, please right-click the blue button (download now) and download to your Computer. then drag the file into Thunderbird extensions. You can also install it _directly_ from Thunderbird by going to Addons and entering "Quickfolders" in the Search box at the top.

    You can install it directly in SeaMonkey.
    For Postbox, you can also download it from here: https://www.postbox-inc.com/add-ons

  • I do not use this as intended, but it works great for my needs.

    I use "View/Layout/Vertical".

    I show all my inboxes as Quick-Folders, renamed to the account names.

    I am using the appearance "Toolbar Buttons", so it looks like build in.
    I enlarged the names of the folders and the folder area to 20/34px.

    Via "View/Layout/Folder Pane" I hide the default folder pane.

    The main reason for all this is, that I do not want to see the count of unread messages in my inbox and all of its sub folders, I only want to see the count of unread messages for the inbox itself.

    The side effect is, that I have a very simple and clean interface now.

    On the left side the subjects, on the right side the message and on the top the Quick-Folders.

  • Purchased the Pro version and I love it. Makes it a snap to find folders and move email. This is one of the top 5 Thunderbird must-have add-ons.

  • Geniales Addon!
    Es wäre allerdings schön, wenn die Anzeige des Symbols in der Haupsymbolleiste nicht nur beim Standardtheme, sondern auch bei anderen Themes korrekt funktionieren würde.

    Nach Update auf 4.2 funktioniert alles bestens!

    Developer response

    Da sollte es gehen. Bugs bitte in Zukunft hier melden:

  • Either Thunderbird 38.1 broke QF [got 4.1.1] or QF needs updating to the latest TB code, but the messages view but for the header in text, have become unviewable with QF loaded. Disable the Add-On and the messages show fine. It works fine with 31.n on another machine.

    Edit: The PTF was to remove the add-on, which returned all mail in full view, not only the header in text format, but complete rendering. After restarting twice and adding QF back the mail view returned. An essential add-on to me :D

    Developer response


    also if you could upload or send me a screenshot that would be great. Usually a trip to the QuickFolders "bling my tabs" settings page and choosing some colors will fix any unforeseen display issues. Sometimes font and background color can coincide in unpredictable ways.

  • I've 5 email accounts in Thunderbird, and several subfolders for archiving, and this Add-on has made managing that so much simpler. It's relatively easy to setup, and makes writing an email, while referring to other emails, and then archiving, it a much easier process. As soon as I'm out of my debt crisis, I need to send the developers some money. They deserve it.

    Developer response

    Thanks for your kind words - don't forget you can get a "pro" license to support the project even better - this adds even more handy features such as unlimited folder icons, quickMove shortcuts and the new "reading list" (planned for 4.1) - test drive the feature by installing from our beta channel.

  • excellent for people who have a big folder tree and many accounts like me.

    expecially useful if your folder tree goes more than two levels deep

  • This add on really enhances my productivity. It has almost become an essential. It includes a lot of stuff that should really be built into TB. As well as this, the backup support is incredible and personal. What more can I say?

  • Addon is really useful, this feature should be built in Thunderbird.
    Also support is really quick - definitely 5 star

    Developer response

    with your help I was able to fix this Ubuntu issue very quickly:

  • Just started using it and it makes Thunderbird SO MUCH more productive! Great job developers!

  • Great functionality, great enhancement. The default design, however, does not integrate very nicely into the default Thunderbird UI. But thanks to the extensive options, I was able to tweak its visual appearance to have a perfect fit:


    Thank you for maintaining this extension!

    Developer response

    and well done on finding a visual style you find pleasing von your particular operating system / mail application :-) feel free to suggest another theme but bear in mind that the look of the host program (I support three, Thunderbird , SeaMonkey and Postbox) is very largely dependant on the skin your current operating system uses [so you already have 9 different looks by just using one version of each OS with default style. On Windows alone you can have a multitude of looks dependant on the skin you use - I personally use Windowblinds to further vary the look adn full themes on Thunderbird to modify the look even more - I highly recommend Nautipolis] so it is practically impossible to support all different looks without making this a full time job. Also I do not currently own a Macintosh so I can't even guess how my tabs are going to look on there.

    My advice for a most native look would be to use the theme "native tabs" (I designed the QuickFolders with tabs in mind, even before Thunderbird supported tabs) or toolbarbuttons. I personally prefer something more colorful, hence "Flat Tabs" is the default.

    I hope you will find Quickfolders a useful tool in the future,and let me remark that although the user interface is a big part of it, the main focus of this extension is actually about productivity. I am still learning myself what can be done with it, and I am working on the development for 5 years now. Make sure to reach out to me for the latest prereleases and to test drive the newest features I have come up with.