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I love this addon! This concept of a quick mouse click gesture to save time and steps is almost perfect and I thank you for it! Some fellow Firefox users love the way it is now and others would like further option. Is it possible upon further development that you can make it work for both by allowing the user to choose one of 3 new image options
as follows:

which opts for the current image save settings to be exactly like the current version of Quickdrag


2.) - NEW DEFAULT FOLDER... (with browse button to select) -
which allows user to choose an optional default folder for images to be saved to automatically
when the user quickdrags an image.


3.) - SAVE IMAGE AS... -
which opens the "save image as..." window when user quickdrags an image allowing user to
select different optional folders to save images to when categorically saving images. This
option skips additional steps of having to locate the default folder images are saved in to move them
to a preferred folder after quickdrag-ing

- and of course last but not least make it compatible with all versions of Firefox 3 & up?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (