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  • pls update for FF57!!!
  • Take a look at this, someone did it. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/swift-selection-search/
  • Best extension i have with FF!!! Wish I could port this functionality into normal windows context menu, it saves so much time and effort!!! Developer: Please port to the new FF build thank you!
  • this addon is abandoned, here is the webextension version:
  • Anyone found similar addon for 57?
  • Just one click on an icon is the fastest way to get search results for sure.
  • Why don't ask to Firefox dev to add some API ?
  • I like the way it places all search icons in a line so I can easily click on them. Basically I only need one move to move the cursor on the search engine icon while other addons need first move cursor to the addon context menu, then move to the search engine after sub-menu show up, which make it 2 step moves.

    The problem is this addon significantly slows firefox on some website.
  • A wonderful addon!
  • Needs to be updated to support electrolysis and web extensions or this addon wont work with Firefox 57+.
    It is correctly marked as incompatible with Firefox 57+.

    Unfortunately, it cannot simply be updated to "support" the Web Extensions API. It needs to be written anew using that API, But after checking the new API out, it seems that this add-on is simply not possible to make with it.
  • Can you please update this so it's compatible with e10s/electrolysis/multiprocess. It's one addon I can't live without but the compatibility reporter addon says its the only one I have which is not compatible.
  • Addon depends on the browser settings, which is stupidly limited by requirement of adding a search engine(from addon list) instead of using simple URL address like /results?search_query=
  • Please add an option to open a search in a new background tab

    by using "shift + left mouse click"


    by "middle mouse click"

    To open a search result in a new window (not tab), "ctrl + left mouse click" could be used too.

    Many thanks in advance!
  • Works flawlessly with Pale Moon 26.4.
  • always imagined this improvement of the context search addon. thank you.

    I miss just one thing: open the search in a background tab with pressing the ctrl key while using the quick context search.

    it would be fantastic if this could get implementet. regards.
  • I love and use this tool to search browsed items in specific sites. My wife uses it to search amazon for ingredients when looking at recipes for an example.
    Since I use an oddball variant of firefox (Palemoon) I had an issue with the author quickly addressed.
  • Useful and modern view, more ergonomic than sub-menu way !

    Suggestions :
    -1 Selecting search engines which will appear?
    -2 Using left click to open into the current window, the middle one for opening in new background tab and the last right to open in active new tab ; anyway, parameters to choose this behavior?
    -3 Does exist a way to emphasize the search engines the most useful and used ones ? Like enlarging and placing these at the begining of the icon list for instance ?

    It seems to me like a bug when the rect focus disapears while the cursor is still on the icon.
  • Perfect, because it uses the existing search engine setup.

    And the developer later explained how to use a Firefox option to open the search in a background tab.

    Many thanks!
    There's already an option in Firefox for that. Open about:config and set browser.search.context.loadInBackground to true.
  • plese fix margin up edge between icons of searching
    Fixed up :)
  • Mozilla always screwing its users, QSB was a really good addon, and now they can't even make their own search bar be similar to QSB... but took it down...
  • Please add Quick Search Bar
  • thats a really bad news, as for me QSB was the best extension for firefox I've seen so far. Intelligent and simple to use, actually i dont understand why this behaviour isn't standard in all browsers.

    Have you tried changing your addon concept? instead to modify the FF search field, make your own input which can be placed in the toolbar. I havent developed a FF Addon so far, but I think that could be a good way to minimize changes needed to be made when a new FF version comes out, because the only thing you need from FF is its search engine database, which won't change as often as the UI does...

    option 2: get some other developers on board to reduce your workload!

    think about it and make your fans happy again ;-)


    PS: sorry for spamming in this addon's comments
  • In Firefox 43.04 64bit this one only works on Bing's page. At least Quick Search Bar worked while it was maintained.
    I am going for another solution, goodbye.
  • As many have said before me, please bring back the Quick Search Bar. You really made using Firefox a new experience for me. I can't use the Internet anymore.
  • As others, I would love to have that addond again. There are 4 addons I can't live without (adblock plus, download manager (s3), quick context search and quick search bar). Please!
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