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  • WHY WITH NO FIREFOX QUANTUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ninguna
  • Ok
  • This was a great app when it was working please Mr Developer fix it as I use it daily
    I cant even find an older version
  • I updated to Mac OSX "El Captain" and the add-on stopped working. when you activate the map all you get is a window pop up with just a blank white screen. I hope they can fix this as it was a my favourite.
  • I remember this was a real useful and cool tool, but somehow it isn't working anymore and I can't figure out why it isn't. I need assistance... Can you help me?
  • Excellent add-on!!!
  • Das Modul ist eine gute Hilfe.
  • Какой раз уже пытаюсь установить...всегда одно и то же...Йобань какая-то
  • Mac Mini OSX Mavericks. All I see on the map is the little locator person icon. I have the most recent Google maps iteration too. Yahoo maps DOES work.

    Strange goings-on in mapland? Elifino?
  • This is like the maps are on steroids. Just hover and voila ... a map appears.
  • High voltage GOOGLE MAPS!!
  • This app has been great! with the exception that when you change the size of the map the map disappears and I can't get it back. Need to set up a default size. Still not working because I can not remember the default size.
  • Kudos to developer.. nice addon, easily working
  • Great , props to dev
  • Yesterday firefox updated and now I have this app installed that is extremely annoying, trying ot make maps out of every link or search term on a page.

    Map pop up constantly pops up and annoys me, get out of my browser!!!
  • This app makes bubbles with addresses in them all over the page, no way to remove them or exit from them except to disable the software. Anyplace it thinks it detects a location. You can no longer read the actual page info, which often is not location info but could be, for example, url links - now that they are covered by a big Google Map bubble, you cannot click on the url, or continue reading the other text that also happens to fall behind the bubble. (Oh yes, please obscure data text I need, give me no way to x out or see my data again, and impose stupid map link bubbles on me that I do not want. NOT!)
    It is called Google Maps for Chrome - I believe the strategy is to make Firefox users frustrated so they will think it must work properly in Chrome and switch to Google Chrome. No other possible logic to this add-on..
  • I agree with some others -- the Quick Maps balloon (not the map itself) obscures the text in the underlying web page.
  • When the address bubble pops up it covers pertinent data and it cannot be closed. The map is moveable and closeable but not the bubble. It is a MAJOR thorn in the side.
  • amazing and very useful
  • I'm not sure why anyone has complained about this. Has worked perfectly so far. The window that pops up is moveable and re-size-able. Very useful!
  • This works great for me (in US). What I particularly like is that you can select "Full-size map", which opens Google Maps in a new tab and from there you can use "Get Directions" or any other Google Maps feature. A real time-saver.
  • When I hovered the cursor over a primary document address .... another small tiny window popped up over the primary document address. Quick Maps opened up. I was able to close the Quick Map map, however, the small tiny window containing the address, which covered the primary document address and other pertinent information, was impossible to close. I disabled the Quick Map add-on which eliminated the problem.
  • This is a really handy addon, which I use regularly. My one suggestion is that I'd like to control the default zoom level on the map - the map defaults to a city-level zoom, whereas I'm invariably interested in street level (ie the street in question and a few blocks around it). Other than that, it works perfectly for my needs.
  • Saves time by not having to copy paste. Saves RAM by not having to load the Google Maps page with all of its bloat.
    Great addon!