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  • Very bad experience with this addon. Biggest problem; Firefox Sync. And so it may seem not to be the problem of the enthusiastic developer.

    But I've been struggling for hours trying to display 54 links in a simple straight forward display and every time I open up the next FF on the next machine everything syncs to a mess again.

    No way to keep the custom name I would like to add because every profile web page just shows my username instead of the site name. Horror!!!

    So One setting would be to make sure you can keep a chosen name with one click. NOT by opening properties of each link, changing the name and ticking a box (?!) to make sure the name stays???

    Another tip/ hint; Fast Dial used to show the favicon of the website. That is why I still use it in Waterfox. In Waterfox it doesn't create it's own new folder in bookmarks either, you just tell it what bookmarks folder to use.

    It's not just your appreciated effort, it's mostly the loss of experienced developpers with this new 'ecosystem'. I give up. I'll leave the page my homepage just in the messy way it wants to present itself. I'll explain to viewers what has happened. Important part of my job anyway, explaining what goes wrong when changes forget who they are changing for.

    Us. The People.
  • Please add in Quick Dial:
    1. the ability to make a size for each bookmark, as well as for each folder.
    2. the ability to make transparency for each folder and each bookmark.
  • Every time I close the browser, my last tab is consumed by Quick Dial and when I reopen it takes over that tab. If I remember that the tab has been lost I can click the back arrow and recover it but if I don't the tab gets lost.

    Other than that, its one of my favorite add-ons and by far used more than any other in my browser.
  • Quick Dial: Отличное дополнение! Хорошо настраивается. Отлично работает!
  • Hello, I moved from FastDial by telega to your QuickDial. From what I noticed, it is impossible to save the settings of appearance, settings, thumbnails and placement, fonts, colors, etc. after backing up .json bookmarks in FastDial, I could then easily restore everything and all saved bookmark thumbnails, their captions and texts and settings and placement were saved after reloading.

    By backing up QuickDial bookmarks and trying to restore it (e.g. after reinstalling the system, removing the QuickDial add-in, removing / reinstalling Firefox on the system or after losing bookmark settings, etc. in firefox) all bookmarks are restored but their names and signatures and all thumbnails, order settings and placements are reset and automatically generated randomly.

    I have a lot of bookmarks. On FastDial, reconfiguring the thumbnail appearance, display text size, etc., took me a very short time. On QuickDial, everything resets and you have to set everything up every time, retype it which takes a long time. Firefox accounts and synchronization, unfortunately, does not help and you can not save the settings and configurations because I have already tried to do it.

    It would be nice and great if you thought about the possibility of exporting / importing QuickDial settings that you could quickly create and load to use previously saved patterns and settings created by yourself so that you don't have to set everything from beginning to end after resetting all settings. I leave you five stars that is the maximum rating for this addon in the hope that this add-on in the not too distant future will be further developed and improved and will not be dead looking all the time as in the current version. Best regards.
    Thanks for your feedback

    It's better to ask feature on github : https://github.com/MatMoul/quickdial-webext

    For the migration from FastDial to QuickDial, it's too hard, for other requestes, I'm open but need time...
  • Finally a really usesable Dial. Using it as IT pro, no useless nerd features slowing it down each time you add a shortcut, no overloading internet access for each shortcut. The most valuable Dial I used until now. Keep it simple and light, this is the main value of this tool.
  • Не хватило прозрачности для Border Color, а в остальном вроде бы всё ровно, настраивается достаточно гибко.
  • So far so good! Though I have a problem when I make a change to bookmarks. The remove one just leave blank space. New one replace the empty slot regardless of sorting in my designated bookmark folder, or in some case as the last dial, which mean you have to scroll to another page for it. Would be good if dials just change to reflect the sorting so I don't have to sorting everything every time I make change to my dials.

    Maybe auto-sort option so user that like to make use of empty space can keep thing as it is?
    Thanks for your feedback, you're correctly described the algo of QD...

    Auto-sort would be a good option but I'm sysadmin and I manage the end of Win7, Win2008R2, Exchange2010...
    A very hard end of year....

    I hope to find time the next year for QD.
    But contributor are welcome (https://github.com/MatMoul/quickdial-webext)
  • Very good add-on overall but also very slow: opening a quick dial page hangs the browser for a few seconds every time; the delay grows the longer the browser session is going.

    EDIT: I found uMatrix to be the cause of that issue no matter what settings and filters I use for it. Can you have a look ?
    For me it's the opposite, when I start FF, QD need time to load his config.
    Opening a new Window or Tab is very speed.
    The only case I know that QD take the same time as FF start is in private mode.
    Case 1 : You have an other extention that have side effect with QD
    Case 2 : Your FF configuration is the same as the private mode but the delay should not increase
    Case 3 : Need investigation...

    EDIT: Thanks for the feedback, just tested speedly and with no custom config, seem to work for me.
  • Great job! It's open source and easy to set up with your existing bookmarks folder(s). I really like that there's no signup or extra cloud services needed. It's pretty much the best speed dial available for Firefox.

    The only reason that I'm not giving it 5 stars is because there's no way to create new pages w/o completely filling all the grid cells of the previous one. There needs to be page tabs (w/ an add page button), instead of the scrolling pages.
    Thanks for your feedback...
    It would be nice to open an isue for this feature in https://github.com/MatMoul/quickdial-webext
  • Крайне быстрое дополнение.
    Не хватает русского языка в настройках, но это не проблема.
    Sorry, currently, settings are not translated
  • practically a worthy alternative for the former, excellent "Fast Dial" extension (discontinued). finally.

    but some features are missing to become as fast and comfortable as Fast Dial. Where is the "update/reload all" dials function? smooth scrolling and a better performance would be great.

    Quick Dial comes very close to Fast Dial but not there yet. Why not contacting the Fast Dial developer? Maybe he shares code with you to improve Quick Dial?
    Thanks for your feedback.
    It's very hard to add all features of FD with the new FF API, this why FD was not ported.
    I've firstly added features that I use and try add more when I find time but update/reload all can not used as it beacause some website need the capture in new tab and for the smooth scrolling need a fully refactory of the grid.

    Help is welcome on https://github.com/MatMoul/quickdial-webext
  • There's only one problem I have with this extension.
    Whenever I open Firefox and it restores my previous session, this extension replaces the tab I was on with a "New Tab" instead of loading said tab.
    Apart from that, this is the lightest Speed-dial-like extension I've found so far, no need to create an account or do some random stuff before setting up like you want it to.
    Would really appreciate if the developer could take a look at that issue though.
    try this https://github.com/MatMoul/quickdial-webext/issues/144
  • Great addition. It would not be bad if there was export and import for transfer.
    And there is a small problem - in Firefox at startup, when an open session is restored - in the fixed tabs the Quick Dial page opens. You have to click "Back" to return to the saved page.
    For the export, look the previous comment... Adding an export feature need time and I'm messing it. Contributors is welcome...
    For the second issue, look here : https://github.com/MatMoul/quickdial-webext/issues/144
  • Hello developers!
    How to save all bookmarks with QuickDial sketches when reinstalling windows (version 1903)?
    Thanks you
    If you reinstall your system, it's best to backup all your Firefox profiles...
    Restoring only QD need to extract the QD plugins settings and datastore...
    On Windows, these files is stored in your appdata profile folder.