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  • Thanks for your development of this add-on.
    Could you please release it for Firefox 12?

  • Great add-on.Please make it avaliable for Firefox 5. Thank you!

  • It is really a good add on, I used it since I have found it with Firefox 3.6.3. Now Firefox 4.0 has been released, I will be appreciated if you can develop it for Firefox 4.0. Thanks a million !

  • I will use this addon when enjoying online movies at YouTube, Gyao(popular movie site in Japan) etc. I'm sure that this addon will give me more concentration in watching a movie.

  • thank you so much for writing this add-on.

    To those with problems note: All the add-on does is to change the color settings automatically just as you would manually by going to the colors preference dialog in Firefox. note that when you change the color settings (manually or automatically) some of the images or other web content may become invisible. This is precisely why this add-on is saving me so much time. I prefer a black background/high contrast scheme on all web pages because it is so much easier on my eyes. However, I then had to manually hit the "let web pages set their own colors..." checkbox under the colors preference dialog when ever i couldn't see something important. Now, clicking on the little square from the status bar has the same effect and all visibility problems go away. It works on FF3.6

    this add-on is useful only if it is important to you to have a certain color scheme; to the long session surfer who benefits in avoiding the eye straining bright schemes of most websites for example.

  • This is one of my favourite extension my friend! Thanks for creation and keep up the good work! I hope u will update it for FF 4 too... :)


  • Follow up. Do not install this experimental extension if you are using FF 3.6x .. It has rendered my FF practically unusable in the way that it overrides ALL site color and design schemes, by replacing entire background with a solid color, meaning that many components of a web site may be unreadable, without the designed color contrast. The support web site is down with a traceroute, and I have send email to developer @gmail.com address. If I can get a response, and fix what is broken, I will issue a full apology. For now, nothing short of a restore from my previous extension configs will remove effectss. Uninstalling or disabling the extension does not remove its effects.

  • Bad, bad extension. It has basically killed all web page viewing to one color in the background, even after uninstalling it, the last selected color dominates the screen. I really like my Background Changer for blank FF pages, and this extension knocked it out completely, even after uninstalls, reinstalls.

  • please update your addon.

    new versions of firefox comes out all the time.
    it kills users when you dont update the addons.


  • 3.6.*用不了,作者不再更新了吗?

  • Thanks very much for this!

    When I looked about a year ago for something like this, to cater for those of us who prefer NOT to stare at a (literally, eventually) blindingly white screen for 8 hours a day, there was pretty much nothing....

    Now, I realize that what this add-on does is 'only' equivalent to going into Tools> Options> Content> Colours, and tweaking what's there, but a single click sure is a lot easier! :)

    Now, to see which one wins if I use this alongside Stylish... Ideally I would want your add-on to beat web pages, and Stylish to beat QCS - so it can act as a whitelist for those sites where I need to see things like CSS images, on YouTube for example.

    Thanks again!
    - Matthew

  • good job

  • 非常棒,找这类插件好久了,对于长时间看网页的人真是一大福音

  • Awesome, this is exactly what I was looking for. This is a MUST HAVE add on in my opinion. Thank you THANK YOU.

  • good job

  • 不错的插件,不过可能会让有些图片显示不出来,比较麻烦。

    Developer response


  • 非常不错的组件。满分。

  • Great work on creating this.
    I used use a custom user style bookmarklet (generator by Jesse Ruderman) to quickly change page colors but for some reason, it stop working. Could be an extension conflict but your add-on works great and provides quick customization options.

    I'd love to see a toolbar button perhaps with a drop down to access the other color options mostly for the fact that this add-on will be very useful for persons with visual impairments and so accessing your add-on through a toolbar button would be easier.

    All in all, it's an awesome add-on. I sincerely appreciate your effort and time that you put into it.

    Developer response

    Good idea!
    I'm working on it.